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Canada: Jeep® brand introduces new ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat lens, turning every Jeep grille into a one-stop online shopping resource for consumers

Jeep® brand launches “Jeep Code” Snapchat lens that allows Canadian consumers to engage virtually within the Jeep lineup, turning every Jeep iconic seven-slot grille into a barcode

The Jeep® brand has launched the innovative “Jeep Code” Snapchat lens, a revolutionary way for Canadian Jeep enthusiasts and consumers to use their smartphones to turn any Jeep iconic seven-slot grille they see into a barcode and engage virtually with the Jeep vehicle lineup.

“The new Jeep Code lens provides our Jeep enthusiasts a revolutionary, new, virtual shopping experience with an easy point of their smartphone,” said William Levasseur, vice president sales and marketing, Canada. “More and more, vehicle purchases are being conducted in the digital realm and this is a great way for new or potential customers to instantaneously experience the Jeep showroom at their convenience, learn about our exciting vehicle lineup, search available inventory and connect with a local dealer.”

Once the grille is scanned via Snapchat using the first-of-its-kind augmented reality technology, the platform leverages machine-learning capability so that users can get more information about the Jeep model they’ve scanned, browse the inventory at their local dealerships, build and price their favourite model on, or even start the buying process.

With this inventive Jeep Code technology, Jeep is enhancing the automotive shopping process and streamlining the buyer’s journey, particularly for younger consumers, so they’re connected quickly to the right vehicles in their area.

A first among any automaker, Jeep Code is available now through the Snapchat app.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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