Buick debuts V2X technology and launches refreshed GL6 MPV in China

Buick’s advanced vehicle to everything (V2X) technology made its debut today at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

Buick’s advanced vehicle to everything (V2X) technology made its debut today at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. Later this year, Buick will become the first brand in China to officially roll out the market-ready technology on a production vehicle.

Among the other 17 Buick vehicles on display at southern China’s leading auto show are the 2021 GL6 multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) featuring standard 48V mild hybrid technology and enhanced connectivity, which is officially being launched, and the Electra concept and GL8 25S premium MPV special edition, which are both making their first auto show appearance.

“Buick is showing a strong presence with our most advanced portfolio ever in Guangzhou,” said Molly Peck, executive director of Buick Sales and Marketing at SAIC-GM. “From electrification to connectivity to future mobility, Buick is riding an unprecedented technology wave to strengthen its market leadership and bring the greener, safer and more intelligent future a step closer to our customers in China.”

Trailblazing V2X Technology

V2X technology has a crucial role to play in improving safety and reducing traffic congestion. When deployed at scale, it will enable vehicles to communicate with one another as well as the traffic infrastructure by sending and receiving basic safety information such as location, speed, braking status and directions.

The market-ready V2X technology incorporates vehicle to vehicle (V2V) technology and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) solutions. It will initially support eight V2V and V2I safety applications: Emergency Braking Warning, Control Loss Warning, Abnormal Vehicle Warning, Intersection Collision Warning, Speed Limit Warning, Signal Violation Warning, Hazard Location Warning and Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory.

Leveraging GM’s global expertise, the Buick V2X technology has fast connectivity and data transmission. This allows it to analyze the complex and challenging road environment with precision and reliability that extends beyond the driver’s line of sight. Combined with Buick’s Advanced Driver Assistance System, it provides users a safer, more efficient and more intelligent driving experience.

For example, the Control Loss Warning V2V application warns the driver when it receives information from a vehicle ahead showing the activation of an anti-lock braking system or vehicle stability system, which could pose a threat. The Green Light Optimization Speed Advisor (GLOSA) V2I application can provide the driver an advised speed for reaching the next intersection when the traffic light is green. This helps the driver avoid dangerously braking abruptly if their view is impeded and maintain a proper speed for going through an intersection without stopping.

In the future, the Buick V2X technology will further expand to include vehicle to pedestrian (V2P), vehicle to the cloud (V2C) and vehicle to home (V2H) technology. This will support the creation of a more robust ecosystem for smart mobility and smart cities.

2021 GL6 Midsize MPV

The refreshed GL6 is part of Buick’s strategy to strengthen its lineup in the popular midsize MPV segment and satisfy the evolving mobility needs of young families in China. Its three variants are available for between RMB 149,900 and RMB 169,900.

The six-seat 2021 GL6 comes with a 1.3L dual-jet turbocharged engine along with a standard 48V mild hybrid propulsion system featuring an independent 48V battery, electric motor and hybrid control unit.

With maximum power of 120 kW and maximum torque of 230 Nm, it provides a more powerful, smooth and quiet driving experience while delivering better fuel efficiency. Its fuel consumption is as low as 6.1L/100 km, which is an improvement of 7.6% from the current-generation GL6.

Eye-catching improvements are also led by the refined interior with an elevated connected experience. The pioneering widescreen cockpit consists of two 10.25-inch screens that are fully integrated with the color LED instrument cluster display and center console.

Featuring the latest generation of the Buick eConnect 3.0 connectivity system, the GL6 has human-machine interaction that is more practical and user-friendly. It incorporates an enhanced voice command system and navigation system, which are available on an optimized visual display. Its seamlessly integrated mobile phone connectivity has been advanced with the introduction of an all-new mini-program platform that allows users to easily access weather forecasts, music and vehicle service information without the need to download or update a specific app.

The highly intuitive and interactive voice command system available on the 2021 GL6 supports 30 types of interaction scenarios with 40% more commands. It is capable of voice interruption and multi-round interaction, creating a more natural dialogue and intelligent in-vehicle user experience.

The Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition runs from November 20-29 at the China Import and Export Complex.


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