Brand encounter instead of exhibition – entirely new trade fair concept puts the focus on the customer

At the German International Motor Show (IAA) from 10 until 22 September 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans will present a totally new brand experience in the Frankfurt Festhalle

At the German International Motor Show (IAA) from 10 until 22 September 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans will present a totally new brand experience in the Frankfurt Festhalle. Key themes will include connectivity, sustainability and quality of life. At the heart of the concept are four “experience spaces”, which take the visitor on a trip through the brand world and mobility of tomorrow.

“The format of the trade fair needs to be constantly rethought with a feel for the zeitgeist of our society and the current issues facing it. And that is precisely what we are doing at the IAA this year. We focus more than ever on the needs of the people”, says Bettina Fetzer, Head of Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. “In Frankfurt we are showing, how we meet the customers’ desire for an intuitive, seamless and sustainable mobility that at the same time enables them to experience luxury.”

Mercedes-Benz continues to view the motor show as a key marketing tool with which to bring many people into contact with the brand in a short time and to inspire them. At the 2017 German International Motor Show for Passenger Cars, for example, the trade fair stand was visited by around 830,000 people in two weeks. Market research shows that a large proportion of the visitors were interested in purchasing a car within the next two years. However, the needs of customers are changing. Particularly in the age of digitalisation, real, physical encounters with the brand are taking on ever greater importance. Mercedes-Benz is addressing these new challenges with a surprising show in the Festhalle while making the brand accessible with some emotively appealing experiences. This approach is also apparent in how the exhibition space is configured. The new trade fair concept consists 25% of show areas for vehicles and world premieres in the “Forum” and 75% of a multi-storey exhibition structure with four large experience spaces in the Festhalle. The total trade fair stand covers around 8,800 square metres.

The brand becomes an experience – and triggers emotions

In the first section of its trade fair stand, Mercedes-Benz lets customers experience its products in the Forum of the Festhalle in Frankfurt, where the product highlights and, in particular, the world premiere vehicles are presented in clearly arranged brand zones, from Mercedes-Maybach to Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-EQ and smart to Mercedes-Benz.

“Our products have been valued and respected around the world for over 130 years. Yet our brand also stands for great emotion and enjoyment. That is why we are making Mercedes-Benz more accessible than ever before at the IAA – a real favourite brand for present and future customers”, says Bettina Fetzer.

Forging an emotional bond with the brand – that is at the heart of the Mercedes presence in the Festhalle. Under the motto “Pioneering the future. By Mercedes-Benz since 1886”, screens in the entrance area present examples of Mercedes moments from over 130 years. After that, visitors can look forward to an adventure trip through four themed spaces, which are represented by the keywords “Intuitive”, “Energize”, “Excite” and “Responsible”. They make it possible to experience the revolutionary development in mobility that will take place in the coming years. The inventor of the automobile will also pioneer the transformation of the future. Mercedes-Benz understands the challenges of the future, knows the desires of its customers and offers innovative and intelligent solutions.

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SOURCE: Daimler

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