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Bosch Secure Truck Parking creates space for trucks

In future, it will be possible to reserve around 50 truck parking spaces at the 'Cruise Center Steinwerder' cruise terminal by using the Bosch Secure Truck Parking platform

In future, it will be possible to reserve around 50 truck parking spaces at the ‘Cruise Center Steinwerder’ cruise terminal by using the Bosch Secure Truck Parking platform. The parking spaces will be available to truckers on 250 days of the year, when there are no cruise ship dockings. In this way, Bosch is improving the difficult parking situation in the port area in cooperation with Cruise Gate Hamburg and Logistik-Initiative Hamburg.

The solution is intended to increase the efficiency of port logistics by connecting the Bosch platform to the slot booking procedure of the Hamburg container terminal. In future, instead of clogging up the streets, trucks that are waiting for customs clearance at the terminals can park at Cruise Gate. In this way, the parking facilities available in the port will be increased in an intelligent way. The parking area is access-restricted and video-monitored and provides drivers with an impressive panorama of the Port of Hamburg. Sanitary facilities are also available.

Intelligent use of existing parking spaces

Bosch Secure Truck Parking at the ‘Cruise Center Steinwerder’ cruise terminal relieves traffic on Hafenstraße and preserves resources. Jan-Philipp Weers, Head of Bosch Secure Truck Parking, commented: “Together with Cruise Gate Hamburg and Logistik-Initiative Hamburg, we are creating the conditions for economical and environmentally-friendly parking management to work. The existing parking space is used efficiently. The parking space search is no longer necessary due to the Internet reservation. This reduces emissions, prevents random parking and makes truckers’ lives less stressful. We are very proud to be making an important contribution to road safety here in Hamburg.”

Sacha Rougier, Managing Director of Cruise Gate Hamburg, describes the new service as follows: “Cruise Gate Hamburg is continuously searching for solutions to optimally utilize the parking spaces, also on days when no cruise ships are docked. We are delighted that we have found a partner in Bosch Secure Truck Parking with which we can improve the difficult parking situation for truckers in the port area and surrounding truck stops. The fact that you can reliably make a booking and the high standard of security are a big plus for truck drivers.”

Hans Stapelfeldt, ITS network manager at Logistik-Initiative Hamburg, also believes that the future collaboration will be of great benefit: “I am delighted that no green areas have to be sealed over to create new parking facilities – existing areas, which otherwise remain unused on days when there are no cruise ship dockings, are being used in an intelligent way.”

Smarter parking: faster, easier and secure

Around 14,000 more parking spaces are needed for trucks in Germany. The shortage often has far-reaching consequences: accidents, increased fuel consumption and cargo theft. To make truck parking faster, easier and secure, Bosch provides a service that allows truckers to reserve parking spaces at truck stops and company premises throughout Europe. The principle: Bosch records the occupancy of parking spaces in real time. Forwarding companies and truck drivers can reserve parking spaces along their route in advance or when on the road using a free online portal or via an app.


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