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Alpine arrives to Slovenia!

Alpine announces the opening of a Slovelian Alpine Centre

After a very successful year 2021 with the very strong growth in sales volume (+74%, with 2.659 units sold) Alpine is entering into year 2022 holding firmly to its ambitious conquering plan. While launching new family of three A110 cars, Alpine continues to expand on new markets, starting with Slovenia.

New Alpine range: three A110 versions, three philosophies

In 2022, Alpine is bringing its new A110 range to the markets- They are all available in Slovenia from the beginning of sales operations in our country:

  • A110
  • New A110 GT
  • New A110 S

These three versions are all intensely Alpine, and each has its own distinctive character and its own territory. As light and agile as any other Alpine, they come with a 4-cylinder 1.8 turbo engine and a Getrag 7-speed automatic gearbox with a dual wet clutch.

The Alpine A110 is the gateway into the Alpine universe. The “Alpine” chassis and 252 bhp engine are as pleasant to drive as the Berlinette. The car is light, lively and precise, and stays agile and vibrant in all circumstances.

The New Alpine A110 GT is the range’s Grand Tourisme sport coupe. Its 300 bhp engine paired with the “Alpine” chassis strikes a blissful balance between performance and comfort. It’s hard to find a car that’s this versatile and elegant. It’s a sports car for everyday and long-distance driving alike.

The New Alpine A110 S at the top of the range pushes the cursor towards performance. Its “Sport” chassis is made to measure for the 300 bhp engine’s full might. It has a sports car’s soul and comes with optional semi-slick tyres and a custom-made aerodynamic kit that will wow drivers who value precision, especially on tracks. The New A110 S is uncannily gung-ho and packed with thrills and chills.

Customers can already place orders for the new Alpine A110 range cars at the ASP dealership in Lesce and each for more information on these exciting models on brand new Slovenian web page:

ASP Lesce: racing experts whose hearts beat in the Alpine rhythm

ASP dealership has long been known in Slovenia not only as one of the largest dealers in the Renault network, but also as a team of sales and maintenance experts whose hearts beat synchronised in the sport mode. This family-owned company has been established in 1991, but their car workshop has been operating already since 1977. Since 2012 they are official Renault Sport specialist which made them a logical choice for transformation into official Alpine dealership.

Their brand-new Alpine Centre has 120 m2 and is located inside the well-known Renault, Nissan and Dacia sales and maintenance centre on easily accessible location in Hraška cesta 25 in Lesce, just by the main motorway. It features Alpine’s latest standards of brand identity and customer service. Specially trained sales and mechanical experts will guarantee best possible level of consulting and maintenance to customers Monday to Friday 8:00 to 18:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 12:00. The opening of this centre is part of Alpine’s international expansion with the opening of new markets and its plans to expand its dealer network in Europe.

Alpine has been at the centre of our mind since it’s rebirth in 2018 but we have been waiting for the right moment to bring this amazing brand to Slovenia. With the announcement of three models A110, A110 GT and A110 S, combined with clear future models strategy, the time has come to bring Alpine to this great new Alpine Centre, situated just under the beautiful mountains and fantastic roads, perfectly suited for this kind of cars. We are certain there is big enough potential for the sales of A110 family of cars, and we are confident that the future line-up of completely electric sporty cars, from small hot hatch to trendy crossover, will justify Alpine’s presence in Slovenia.

François Delion, general manager, Renault Nissan Adriatic

We have decided for Alpine because we believe in the resurrection of this sports brand, it’s future model offer and Renault’s strategy on this brand. It expresses prestige and builds from reach history. Beside this, it takes the technology and know-how from the tradition of Renault Sport cars and Formula 1. But above all, we are true lovers and fans of Renault Sport and therefore want to continue this story with Alpine.  The sales numbers will increase as the model offer will get bigger. Potential buyers are not just fast car lovers, but also people who appreciate prestige and beauty, so we are certain we will see also women’s hands on the steering wheels of many Alpine cars.

Miha Primožič, co-owner ASP

Alpine at the forefront of Renault Group’s innovation with exclusive sportscars

As part of Renault Group’s Renaulution, Alpine announced in January 2021 its plans for long-term growth as Renault Group’s brand dedicated to innovative, authentic and exclusive sportscars.

Alpine is arguably the epitome of French motoring, building on remarkable victories throughout its history. It is a brand with heritage and pedigree. It is also a factory with highly skilled specialists manufacturing the A110 in Dieppe (France). Today, the activities of Alpine Cars, Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing are united as one entity under the Alpine brand. The newly created entity intends to be a “new generation” automotive Brand for discerning, passionate early adopters. Alpine also leverages the scale and capabilities of Renault Group and the RNM Alliance including technology with the Alliance EV-native platform, a global manufacturing footprint, a powerful purchasing arm ensuring optimum cost competitiveness, a global distribution network and RCI Bank and Services.

Alpine’s 100 % electric dream garage

The new organizational structure, the intensification of synergies with Renault Group and the Alliance and collaboration with selected partners will be instrumental to support Alpine’s product plan:

  • a 100% electric B-Segment Hot Hatch based on the Alliance CMF-B EV platform
  • a 100% electric C-Segment Sports Cross Over based on the Alliance CMF-EV platform
  • a 100% EV replacement of the A110 developed with Lotus

Alpine intends to be at the forefront of Renault Group’s innovation be it technology, distribution, customer experience or any other area that delivers value for the brand and its customers. As such, Alpine’s next product generation will leverage Renault Group’s latest innovations and will benefit from F1’s technology and expertise: efficient energy management, safety systems and connectivity solutions derived from F1’s high-performance in data analysis and processing that will bring a significant competitive advantage to the Alpine products.

Alpine history

Alpine was founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, a young man passionate about competition. He named his company after his favorite playground for racing: the Alps. When the original A110 road car was introduced in 1962, the company began to take off. By then, Alpine and Renault were close collaborators, Alpine cars being sold and serviced by Renault dealerships. By the early 70s, Alpine was a major force in top-flight rally competition. In 1971 Alpine took the three steps on the podium of the world-famous Rallye Monte Carlo for the first time, then again in 1973.

The company went on to win the World Rally Championship Manufacturers’ title later that year. At the same time Alpine’s road car sales were growing. Alpine built a dedicated factory in Dieppe in 1969 – the same site that produces the A110 today – and in 1971 the A310 entered production. Two years later, Alpine was acquired by Renault Group. Alpine achieved its most famous motorsport triumph in 1978 with overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The factory continued to release new and innovative road cars throughout the 70s and 80s, including the A310 V6 and the GTA. Alpine production would eventually cease in 1995. In 2017, the brand presented the new A110, a sports car faithful to Alpine’s timeless principles of compactness, lightness, agility and driving pleasure.

Fast forward to 2021 and Alpine Cars, Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing join forces under the Alpine flagship, becoming the brand dedicated to innovative, authentic, exclusive sportscars of Renault Group.

The Alpine A110

Underpinning the A110 are the very same technical principles that were determined first by Jean Rédélé, 66 years ago and that has been evident in every Alpine car since, be it a dedicated competition machine or a road-going model.

Alpine cars draw their performance from compact dimensions, a particular focus on lightweight engineering and a high power-to-weight ratio, rather than extremely powerful engines and very wide tyres. A foundational Alpine principle is the elevation of driving pleasure – for drivers with any level of experience – overlap times, top speeds and acceleration figures. Importantly, Alpine cars must be comfortable and civilised in everyday use as well, which is especially true of the new A110.

The A110’s aluminium body is both very strong and exceptionally light. The mid-engine configuration ensures perfect weight distribution for agile and responsive handing, while all-round double wishbone suspension gives a very high degree of control and precision in bends. Ride comfort is a particular strength of the A110. All versions of the sports car use seven speed paddle shift dual-clutch transmissions that deliver almost instantaneous gearshifts.

The common engine is a 1.8-litre four-unit with a turbocharger. This engine develops 252PS in A110 and 300 PS in A 110 GT and S. All versions of the A110 feature the same three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Track. Inspired by the original 1962 A110 Berlinette, the A110’s exterior design forms a link between Alpine’s heritage and its future.

Led by Frenchman Antony Villain, the design team set out to capture the spirit of Alpine in the car while also creating a design language that would stand the test of time. The twin front headlights, sculpted flanks, distinctive bonnet spine and wraparound rear screen are clearly borrowed from the A110 Berlinette, while the LED running lights and ‘X’-shaped LED taillights, with dynamic turn indicators, hint at the car’s modern-day engineering and performance. The car’s clean, uncluttered silhouette has been achieved by working in parallel with the engineering team.

A completely flat underside and functional diffuser ensures optimal airflow and downforce. Although the exterior dimensions are very compact – contributing to the car’s agility – the cabin still offers enough space for taller drivers to sit comfortably, even if they’re wearing a helmet. Access to cabin is among the best in the sports car sector thanks to the low and narrow sill, while the interior itself mirrors the A110’s lightweight construction.

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