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ADS-TEC Energy and JOLT Energy deepen long-standing partnership with roll-out targets for an ultra-fast charging network in city centers

By combining battery storage and charging station, ADS-TEC Energy enables the rapid scale-up of charging infrastructure in inner cities without grid expansion

DS-TEC Energy, a leading international manufacturer of battery storage-based platform solutions, and JOLT Energy today announced an extension of their long-standing collaboration to deploy ultra-fast charging stations in major cities in Europe and the United States. JOLT has already ordered a high double-digit number of systems for 2023 and more orders are expected in support of JOLT’s roll-out plan. The collaboration reflects the strong demand for a fast, convenient charging experience, especially in inner-city areas.

ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered ultra-fast charging solutions provide charging power of up to 320 kW in power-limited, low-voltage energy grids, without the need for grid expansion. Waiting for grid expansion can take months, and in cities there is typically no space for electrical substations. Charging stations from ADS-TEC Energy, on the other hand, can be quickly integrated into existing sites with a minimum footprint. In addition to supporting the grid, the ADS-TEC Energy stations store excess renewable energy so it is available for charging and other purposes. As a result, the charging stations turn into energy platforms that enable sustainable site energy management for operators and fast charging for electric vehicle drivers.

In Germany, JOLT has been deploying ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox ultra-fast charging systems for over a year. Primarily installed in metropolitan areas, the systems see frequent use by electric vehicle drivers. At a high-use JOLT charging point, a weekly average utilization of over 60% is typical, and is trending upward. The company is now significantly acceleraing the roll-out rate of fast-charging stations to meet the high demand. “The entry of an infrastructure investor into JOLT demonstrates that exponentially growing fast-charging networks are recognized as a critical enabler for the widespread electrification of urban transportation,” said Maurice Neligan, CEO of JOLT Energy.

Thomas Speidel, CEO, ADS-TEC Energy, said, “We are excited to further deepen our strategic collaboration with JOLT to pursue our common objective: Ultrafast charging at almost any location. Especially in inner-city areas, there is usually a lack of the required grid capacity and there is little available space. This is precisely what our charging solutions are ideally suited for, as they enable ultra-fast charging despite power-limited grid connections, take up little space and are easy to install. With their large battery storage capacity and multifunctionality, they are a valuable platform for the energy transition.“


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