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ADS-TEC Energy and Caverion extend their partnership to Denmark and Sweden

Caverion and the German company ADS-TEC Energy are expanding their cooperation to include the other Nordic countries of Denmark and Sweden just a few weeks after signing the agreement for Norway

ADS-TEC Energy (ADSE) and Caverion have signed a partnership agreement for the supply of battery-buffered fast charging solutions that enable ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles with up to 320 kW – without complicated and expensive grid expansion.

Caverion is the market leader for public charging stations in Norway. Last year, the company installed one in three fast charging stations there and has service contracts for around half of all chargers in operation.

The company’s e-mobility team sees great opportunities in ADS-TEC Energy’s solution. “The limited capacity of the power grid is an obstacle to the use of fast-charging stations in many places. With this solution, it is possible to set up ultra-fast charging, says Ove Kjelby, Head of Sales e-mobility at Caverion.

With its integrated batteries, ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox and ChargePost deliver fast charging whenever it is required. By using the existing grid infrastructure, ADS-TEC Energy’s chargers offer many times the charging capacity of the grid’s power connection, making it possible to charge EVs in minutes. Furthermore, these solutions are a cost-effective way to upgrade older, low-power AC charging stations. They also offer the flexibility of being positioned up to 300 meters away from the grid connection.

ADS-TEC Energy and Caverion have been working together in Norway since February 2024 and, based on this positive experience, the partnership is now being extended further in the Nordic region.

“ADS-TEC Energy’s products and their innovative solution for ultra-fast charging in limited grids have also opened the eyes of our colleagues in Sweden and Denmark, and we have therefore decided to expand the partnership sooner rather than later,” says Kjelby.

The Managing Director of ADS-TEC Energy, Thomas Speidel, is looking forward to a long-term partnership. “We see great potential in the cooperation with Caverion to offer fast, practical and high-quality services for customers and owners of charging stations in the Nordic region. This experienced and reliable company is the perfect partner because Caverion covers the entire spectrum of high-quality maintenance and services in the world’s leading electromobility market.”

More than 20 percent of vehicles on Norwegian roads are now electric cars. According to an estimate from 2022, the country will need between 6,000 and 10,000 fast charging points for electric cars by 2030. Fast charging solutions, such as those from ADS-TEC Energy, make a decisive contribution to achieving this goal because they can be installed quickly and without upgrading the power grid.


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