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2018 Bosch training program for automotive workshops has been expanded and updated

The current 2018 Bosch range of trainings for automotive workshops includes more than 100 different trainings and was again expanded by additional offers. Furthermore, several trainings were updated thus adjusting them to recent technological developments. The practical training “DAS 1000 calibration set”, for instance, is one example of a novelty within this year’s range for the German-speaking world. It includes important details about the adjustment of ACC sensors and front cameras for driver assistance systems. The well-proven trainings about driver assistance systems for cars, gasoline injection technology 3, the initial training courses on gas system testing (GAP) and gas system installation testing (GSP) as well as the GAP/GSP repeater training courses, the trainings on vehicle mechanical systems and the advanced training on technology for traders and customer service/service advisors are among the trainings updated to the state of the art. Adding “Diagnostic systems on Nissan vehicles” on the example of Nissan Qashqai, the successful series of Bosch multimedia presentations is also complemented in 2018.

Training for Bosch high-voltage experts

The Bosch training program also includes trainings for professional testing of modern high-voltage systems and components. At the training for Bosch high-voltage experts, comprehensive knowledge concerning all workshop tasks on modern electric and hybrid vehicles is taught. This training is of increasing importance as automotive workshops also face service tasks on vehicles with electric or hybrid drive systems. Working on these vehicles’ high-voltage systems requires special know-how as well as comprehensive safety-relevant and legal knowledge.

Practical trainings are more important than ever before

Besides theoretical knowledge, Bosch workshop trainings also focus on practical tasks with error simulations and strategic troubleshooting on modern cars and commercial vehicles. In addition, the Bosch training experts also promote the exchange of experience among the participants which is also encouraged by small training groups. Automotive workshops benefit from employees trained in such a manner since digitalization and connectivity are of increasing importance for modern vehicles – and thus also for automotive workshops. Only those workshop employees featuring the required technical knowledge are able to perform diagnoses as well as service and maintenance tasks on modern vehicles both effectively and economically.

Automotive Campus: booking online, training online as well

The central online platform www.automotive-campus.com provides any relevant facts and information on the range of trainings for the German-speaking world, on contents and on dates. Using it, German, Austrian and Swiss automotive workshops can book, plan and manage apprenticeships and advanced trainings online. In addition, if features online trainings about several different topics to be used – among others – by the employees to be trained in order to prepare themselves for technical trainings at the Bosch Service Training Center. In 2018, the online training “Electric drives of motor vehicles” will complement the range of trainings.

Bosch range of trainings is expanded even further

This year, Bosch will open yet another training site in Kassel (Germany). It will feature rooms for seminaries, a large workshop hall with latest Bosch workshop equipment as well as a vehicle fleet for theoretical and practical trainings. At a total of 31 Bosch Service Training Centers around the world – reaching from Spain, Turkey and South Africa through to Australia and Brazil – workshop employees receive practical trainings. At the German-speaking world, 3 500 workshop staff members successfully participated at trainings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland throughout the last year.

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