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12 Solaris hybrid buses for municipal city transport operator in Grudziądz, Poland

The Grudziadz public transport operator has ordered 12 Solaris hybrid buses. Six vehicles under the basic order and six under the so-called option

The Grudziadz public transport operator has ordered 12 Solaris hybrid buses. Six vehicles under the basic order and six under the so-called option. The vehicles will be delivered to the city by the river Vistula later this year.
On 10 May, the municipal transport operator MZK Grudziądz and Solaris Bus & Coach signed a contract for the delivery of twelve Solaris Urbino 12 hybrid buses. The basic order was for 6 vehicles, but the operator exercised its option of extending the purchase by another 6 models. The eco-friendly, low-floor hybrid vehicles, according to the terms of the contract, will be delivered to Grudziądz and will start running in the city at the end of 2023.

“We are very proud of the trust that Grudziądz has been placing in us for over two decades now. Almost 50 buses of our brand are already running in the city. Furthermore, deliveries of 17 zero-emission electric vehicles are currently underway. We are extremely pleased with today’s order. Thanks to it, this year passengers of public transport in Grudziądz will benefit from further modern and ecological buses of our brand”, said Jakub Zakrzewski, Sales Director for the Northern Region in Poland at Solaris Bus & Coach.

The Urbino 12 hybrid will be equipped with a new-generation hybrid drive system, consisting of a 250 kW electric traction engine and a 150 kW-plus internal combustion engine, which meets the Euro 6 standard. In addition, the hybrid system will be supported by super-capacitors, used to store and utilise energy obtained from recuperation. The efficient hybrid drive means a significant reduction in fuel consumption and costs for the carrier, not to mention the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The vehicles ordered will also feature a zero-emission function, the so-called stop-and-go system. This solution switches off the combustion engine completely when the vehicle is stationary at a bus stop and when the doors are opened. The vehicle then uses the energy recovered during braking and stored in super-capacitors.

The air-conditioned, spacious Urbino 12 hybrid will be equipped with USB ports and monitoring. There will be 25 seats in each vehicle and 80 passengers will be able to travel on board.

Soon, 17 Solaris Urbino electric buses will hit the streets of the city. The MZK authorities ordered them in April 2022. Solaris is the European leader in the sale and production of low- and zero-emission buses and the largest supplier of zero-emission public transport vehicles to Poland.

In the picture from left: Andrzej Sienkiewicz, Solaris Bus & Coach, Paweł Maniszewski, CEO of MZK Grudziądz, Maciej Glamowski, Mayor of Grudziądz, Jakub Zakrzewski, Solaris Bus & Coach.

SOURCE: Solaris

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