LATEST: Coronavirus impact on the auto industry

Keep track of the automotive industry's response to the coronavirus

Words such as “unprecedented” are too often used casually, but the impact of coronavirus on the manufacturing industry is just that; the automotive industry in particular faces challenges never before experienced in peacetime, and never on a global basis. In the face of disrupted supply chains, falling demand and societal lockdown, the entire industry is preparing to grind to a halt. The enormity of such a situation is only now becoming clear.

As the situation unfolds, this page will keep Automotive World readers updated on the latest developments.

Automotive World has also published a special report, ‘How is the auto industry responding to the coronavirus?’, which takes a first look at the impact of the pandemic on vehicle production, suppliers, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), trucking, electric vehicle battery production, and what the automotive industry can learn from China’s experience of tackling COVID-19….