AI is more than a buzzword, but generating value takes skill

Artificial intelligence has the potential to optimise CASE technologies, but how can it be monetised? By Freddie Holmes

Recent press releases would suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to instantly revolutionise any new business model or technology. But is AI really the value-add it is made out to be, or simply another buzzword?

Special report: Is artificial intelligence the ultimate mobility value driver?

As Senior Manager – Automotive at Deloitte, Adrian Brammer and his team are closely involved with numerous stakeholders in the automotive space, and have seen first-hand how AI can prove its worth both inside and outside of the vehicle. From electric vehicles (EVs) and infotainment systems to the factory floor and back office computing, the benefits are definitely there—it just takes skill to obtain them.

“We’ve used marketing terms for technologies that bring value for years. From my experience, AI has been used in numerous applications that have had a massive impact on balance sheets in the industry,” he told Automotive World. “Moving forward, there are many reasons why AI can add value with regards to mobility.”

Artificial intelligence is already helping to keep vehicles in good shape

Predictive maintenance

A topic that continues to crop up…