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XPeng’s G9 and P7 impress NAF with range and charging capabilities

XPENG G9 breaks NAF charging record with peak capacity of 319kW

XPeng today announced that its two smart EV (electric vehicle) models for European markets, the G9 flagship SUV, and the new P7 sports sedan, have successfully concluded the two-day NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation) and Motor EV Summer test, also known as El-Prix 2023. XPeng G9 broke the charging record in NAF history by reaching up to 319kW of peak capacity, delivering the test’s highest average charging power at 212 kW, while both XPeng G9 and P7 swept the top two spots in the range test in terms of real-world deviation rate to their WLTP range.

XPeng G9 and P7 outperform competitors in NAF Summer Test

In the NAF Summer Test 2023, 32 EVs, including traditional luxury brands and top-selling EV brands such as Tesla and BYD, were tested for range and charging speed. The XPeng G9 and new XPeng P7 achieved impressive ranges of 588 km and 557 km, respectively, with a range deviation rate of 113% and 110.3%, winning the top two spots. According to NAF’s report, the range test was conducted under nice weather and optimal summer conditions, while only one-third of the electric cars tested had an achieved range that exceeded its WLTP figure.

The XPeng G9 sent for testing was the 4WD Performance version, equipped with a 3C battery. In the charging capacity test, the XPeng G9 broke the NAF historical record by reaching a peak charging power of 319 kW. It also achieved an average charging power of 212 kW – the highest in NAF’s history. G9 was also the fastest to reach a range of 200 kilometres, using only 8.4 minutes, according to NAF’s calculation. These results demonstrate the superior performance of XPeng smart EVs compared to their competitors in the current EV market.

XPeng 800V platform delivers superior performance and efficiency

Equipped with the industry-leading 800V high-voltage platform, the XPeng G9 not only upholds higher safety standards but also has faster charging capability, which is 1.5 to 2 times higher than that of the previous generation’s 400V platform. At the same time, the 800V SiC (silicon carbide) platform also reduces the overall power consumption of the vehicle, making the range more effective and accurate.

Although the XPeng P7i is designed with a 400V platform, the model still achieves solid range and charging performance with average consumption among the best at 13.7 kWh/100 km and peak charging power of 189 kW, thanks to comprehensive upgrades in battery management, thermal management, and chassis tuning.


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