With monthly exports exceeding 20,000 units for five times, Chery kept the first place in the export of passenger vehicles among Chinese brands

Chery continued to export 22,052 units in September, up 108.7% year on year, breaking the record of 20,000 units for the fifth time this year

Recently, Chery Group released its latest sales figures, selling 75,692 cars in September, up 10.3% year on year. Chery Group has maintained the fastest growth rate in China’s auto industry in the face of the changing global epidemic situation and the “chip shortage” in the whole industry. From January to September, it sold 651,289 vehicles, up 53.3% year on year.。

In terms of exports, Chery continued to export 22,052 units in September, up 108.7% year on year, breaking the record of 20,000 units for the fifth time this year. The cumulative exports from January to September were 187,910 units, 2.55 times that of the same period last year; while setting a new record, Chery continues to firmly occupy the first place of passenger car export among Chinese brands.

After going out for 20 years, Chery has become an excellent representative of Chinese brands in the global market. Chery adds an overseas user every 2 minutes on average. Its globalization has realized a structural change from “going-out” of products to “going-in” of factory and culture, and then “going-up” of brand. Both sales volume and market share in key markets have increased.

According to AEB (Association of European Businesses), Chery sold 3,488 vehicles in September in Russia, up 134% year on year; From January to September, 24,688 cars were sold, up 288% year on year. Tiggo 7 PRO has become the best-selling SUV model of a Chinese brand. In September, the Tiggo 8 PRO won two prestigious awards: “Most Tech-savvy SUV” and “Most Media-favorite Midsize SUV.”

In Brazil, Fenabrave (National Motor Vehicle Distribution Federation) released data showing that, in September, Chery ranked among the top 10 car sales for five consecutive months with 4,036 units sold, up 84.7% year on year. The cumulative sales from January to September were 27,839, up 120% year on year. In the SUV segment, Tiggo 8, Tiggo 3X (Tiggo 2 PRO) and other models continue to sell well. Arrizo 6 PRO, a new member of the PRO series, went on sale in Brazil in early October to widespread acclaim for its stylish look and sophisticated interior. We believe that Arrizo 6 PRO will help Chery achieve better sales performance in Brazil.

According to ANAC (Asociacion Nacional Automotriz de Chile A.G.) in Chile, Chery ranked the fifth among all auto brands and first among Chinese brands with cumulative sales of 16,986 units in the first nine months of this year. Meanwhile, in the SUV segment, Chery sold 16,190 units from January to September, accounting for 12.8% of the market, and ranking first among all auto brands.

The continuous rapid-growing sales in China and the explosive growth of overseas business have consolidated the domestic and international “dual-market” pattern of Chery Group. Up to now, Chery Group has accumulated 9.7 million users worldwide, including 1.87 million overseas users. As the fourth quarter enters the “sprint” stage of the whole year, Chery Group sales will usher in a new round of growth and is expected to set a new record for annual sales.


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