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Webfleet and Chargylize launch EV.connect – a solution that helps fleets electrify

EV.connect allows Webfleet users to get detailed fleet electrification advice from Chargylize based on actual driving data

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, has expanded its partnership with Munich-based startup Chargylize. Webfleet EV.connect is an integration of both platforms designed to support businesses as they transition to an electric fleet.

Chargylize leverages Webfleet’s telematics data to analyse the current vehicle usage of a business. This, along with information on the available charging infrastructure in the fleet’s service area, enables Webfleet users to request fleet electrification advice from Chargylize, helping them understand how many vehicles in their fleet could be switched with electric models based on their actual driving behaviour.

From a list of proposed EVs, users can choose the right model for them based on various criteria, such as range, manufacturer and price, and see the CO2 and fuel they will save by doing so. With this data insight, Webfleet users can switch to electromobility in a cost-effective way.

“Our solution provides real transparency to fleet managers about the electrification potential of their fleet,” said Florian Klett, Co-Founder and CEO of Chargylize. “This enables data-driven decisions rather than decisions made on gut feeling. The partnership with Webfleet enables fleet managers to simulate fleet electrification within 10 minutes.

“Webfleet is focused on supporting our users as they transition to EVs,” said Taco van der Leij, Vice President Webfleet Europe. “So, we’re excited to partner with Chargylize. Partnerships like this allow our users to plan their electrification journey step-by-step, backed with accurate telematics data to optimise their fleet efficiency.”

EV.connect is available for customers who use both the Webfleet and Chargylize platforms in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, UK and Ireland.

SOURCE: Webfleet

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