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Volkswagen commercial vehicles deliveries are stable

3.4 per cent growth in the month of August

Over the past eight months, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) has delivered 336,600 light commercial vehicles to customers worldwide and thereby attained the same volume as in the corresponding time period of the prior year (336,400 units). In the month of August alone, the brand’s global deliveries grew 3.4 per cent to 36,200 light commercial vehicles.

In Western Europe, the brand’s key region, 235,300 vehicles went to customers (prior year 231,300; +1.8 per cent). Germany was the brand’s largest single market with 88,200 vehicles (prior year 88,500; -0.3 per cent). Great Britain was far ahead of other European markets with 32,100 vehicles and 5.1 per cent growth.

12,700 vehicles (-1.3 per cent)

12,500 vehicles (+8.2 per cent)

8,800 vehicles (+4.8 per cent)

Eastern European markets were another positive delivery region for the brand. 31,500 vehicles reached customers in the Caddy, Transporter, Crafter and Amarok model series (+15.8 per cent).

North and South America

The delivery volume in North America (just Mexico) was 6,650 vehicles (+36.0 per cent), and in South America it was 25,800 vehicles (-14.8 per cent). The largest individual market in Latin America was Brazil, where 12,700 VWCV vehicles were sold (+23.8 per cent).

Africa, Asia-Pacific and Middle East

In Africa, VWCV delivered 15,000 vehicles in the first eight months of the year (+32.5 per cent). In the Asia-Pacific region, 15,200 vehicles were delivered to customers since the start of the year (-13.6 per cent); in the Middle East the total was 6,300 vehicles (-48.4 per cent). The Turkish market once again stood out with a 56 per cent decline to 5,300 of the brand’s vehicles sold (prior year 12,200).

Deliveries by model range:

  • T series: 136,100 vehicles (2.2 per cent decline).
  • Caddy: 104,300 vehicles (4.5 per cent decline).
  • Amarok: 48,900 vehicles (9.2 per cent decline).
  • Crafter: 47,000 vehicles (42.5 per cent increase).

SOURCE: Volkswagen

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