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Valeo launches its Move Up plan, a value creation strategy built on the sustainable mobility megatrends

Outperformance for original equipment sales of more than 5 percentage points per year on average over the 2021-2025 period

On February 25, 2022, at a presentation of Valeo’s strategic and financial outlook for the 2022-2025 period in Paris, Christophe Périllat, Valeo’s Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“Today, we are launching our Move Up plan, covering the 2022-2025 period. Move Up means building a Group that is technologically stronger and ideally positioned, and accelerating in electrification with the integration of Valeo Siemens eAutomotive, as well as in ADAS, reinvention of the interior experience and lighting everywhere.

Move Up means accelerating growth, outperforming the automotive market by more than 5 percentage points. Move Up also means creating value through a program of synergies and efficiencies, enhanced profitability, cash generation of between 800 million and 1 billion euros in 2025, and divesting 500 million euros’ worth of non-strategic assets.

We are at the start of a period in which the transformation of mobility will drive hyper-growth in the electrification and ADAS markets for 15 to 20 years.

Move Up means capitalizing today on tomorrow’s mobility.

With Move Up, we are creating value now, and we are creating a stronger Group that will be capable tomorrow of leveraging the hyper-growth set to take place in its markets.”


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