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Uptake enhances its predictive maintenance technology through Daimler Truck North America’s data-as-a-service model

DTNA customers will have access to Uptake’s data-driven insights to help reduce unplanned fleet downtime and maintenance costs with increased predictability

Uptake, a leader in predictive analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS), has entered into a commercial agreement with Daimler Truck North America LLC (DTNA), a leading manufacturer and provider of commercial vehicle products, services and technologies. The agreement will enable the use of innovative data-as-a-service (DaaS) technology to power Uptake Fleet, Uptake’s comprehensive predictive maintenance and work order analytics technology for the transportation industry.

Through this DaaS agreement and upon customer consent, DTNA will facilitate streaming of the necessary data to power Uptake Fleet. Uptake will administer the technology to help fleets optimize vehicle lifecycles and reduce repair costs using predictive vehicle maintenance. By analyzing information from subsystem sensors and work orders, Uptake can predict vehicle problems well in advance of a fault code and recommend corrective actions before they lead to costly repairs, delays or roadside breakdowns.

“Trucking companies are facing unprecedented challenges today, from delays in acquiring parts to labor shortages and rising repair and maintenance costs,” said Kayne Grau, CEO of Uptake. “Since its inception, Uptake has been focused on connecting data, assets and operators. Our agreement with DTNA will provide our customers and partners with even more data-driven insights to ensure fleets are fully operational, safe and reliable.”

Uptake will deploy 65 data-science models to help DTNA customers save money by minimizing their number of unplanned maintenance events. Uptake Fleet also offers real-time intelligence on the performance of individual vehicle parts and subsystems. Using predictive maintenance, operators buy only the parts they need when they need them, and tailor repair schedules to individual vehicles based on their actual usage.

“Daimler Truck North America is committed to using cutting-edge technologies so our customers can get the longest and most impactful life from their vehicles,” said Sanjiv Khurana of DTNA. “It is encouraging that Uptake is exploring new ways of leveraging data to optimize the performance of our trucks, and we are excited to explore the potential this brings.”

DTNA customers will be able to utilize Uptake’s recently announced new capabilities in Uptake Fleet, effective immediately. Leading the additions is an expanded Work Order Analytics capability that enables users to predict vehicle failures down to the component level for more detailed and accurate decision-making. Also included in Uptake Fleet’s enhancements is support for a number of popular sensor analytics endpoints, which fleets can leverage to optimize their maintenance scheduling and further reduce vehicle breakdowns.

SOURCE: Daimler Truck North America

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