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Unveiling Škoda’s new sustainability Microsite: A platform for transparent dialogue on Environmental, Social & Governance initiatives

The centralised platform highlights the importance and breadth of sustainability activities anchored in Škoda Auto’s corporate strategy

Škoda Auto has launched a dedicated microsite compiling comprehensive information on the carmaker’s varied sustainability initiatives. The new hub will offer the latest insights into the company’s Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) topics and measures, fostering transparent dialogue and promoting engagement on these crucial subjects.

“Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We take our responsibility seriously to reduce the impact of our operations along the entire value chain. This includes continually scrutinising all aspects of how we do business to find new ways to achieve that goal. As a corporate citizen we aim to foster a constructive dialogue with all our stakeholders on key issues such as sustainability, so the more active the exchange with our stakeholders about our actions in this field, the better.”

Klaus Zellmer, Škoda Auto CEO

“At Škoda, we focus on creating the best for the planet, communities and our customers, along with our employees, partners and the complete supply chain. For us, sustainability is a journey: we have come a long way, but a big part is still ahead of us. That’s why it’s important for us to have a place where we can transparently communicate our progress and goals with all stakeholders.”

Karsten Schnake, Škoda Auto Board Member for Procurement

New sustainability-focused microsite

The new microsite provides comprehensive information on the development of sustainable products and processes. The hub encapsulates all three aspects of ESG: The environmental section outlines the measures the Czech automaker is implementing to minimise the impact of its business activities and to reduce its CO2 footprint. The social section highlights Škoda’s role within its community – aiming to lead by example and create value through community involvement both at its sites and beyond. Additionally, the microsite outlines the car manufacturer’s drive to be a strong and reliable long-term partner for employees, customers, dealers, and society. The new microsite is part of the Škoda Storyboard, the company’s communication platform for sharing information with the media and public.

Škoda Auto is implementing a holistic action plan to consistently decarbonise the company: The car manufacturer is accelerating the ramp-up of electromobility with six new all-electric models in the coming years. Yet the focus is also on sustainably producing and operating these vehicles, including supply chains. Škoda Auto is also committed to using recyclable materials in its cars and consistently recycling the high-voltage batteries from e-vehicles. Depending on market developments, the goal is to increase the share of all-electric models in the brand’s European sales to 70% by 2030. Moreover the company aims to reduce its fleet emissions by more than 50% compared to 2020.


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