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Unveiled the fourth image of the new Lancia Ypsilon

The fourth image of the New Lancia Ypsilon, which will be revealed next February in Milan, was unveiled today

Unveiled the fourth image of the New Lancia Ypsilon

“Today, with the fourth image, we unveil the rear of the New Lancia Ypsilon, which reflects the brand new, pure and radical design language. The iconic round rear LED headlights, reminiscent of the victorious Lancia Stratos, frame the Lancia logo in a perfect dialog between purity and radicality, also seen in the Ypsilon lettering underneath,” stated Luca Napolitano, Lancia brand CEO.

The rear of the car appears in the fourth image of the New Lancia Ypsilon, featuring the iconic round LED headlights with a clear reference to the brand’s most brutal spirit and to the unforgettable Lancia Stratos, a legendary model in the world of rallying. The two headlights now features a new design element, the letter Y, an extreme symbolic synthesis set horizontally within the circles.

Consistently with what was anticipated by Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, the balance between radicality and purity stands out in the headlights that frame the new Lancia lettering. Its original font draws inspiration from one of the outstanding Italian industries most closely linked with the brand history: fashion. The Ypsilon lettering underneath, and its ‘handwritten’ characters, is inspired by historical icons such as Fulvia, Flavia and Flaminia, pure models with a sleek design.

The reveal of the model is scheduled for February 2024, through the exclusive NEW LANCIA YPSILON CASSINA LIMITED EDITION. With a 100% BEV engine, available in 1906 numbered and certified units, the model represents the first concrete step in the brand’s Renaissance journey, with a clear and ambitious electrification strategy that is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, in line with the Stellantis “Dare Forward” strategic plan and supported by Free2move Charge in a 360° integrated charging ecosystem.

The journey over the coming weeks will unveil a series of further details of the New Lancia Ypsilon in the lead up to the main event. More to come!

SOURCE: Stellantis

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