The DRÄXLMAIER Group at the IZB 2022

At the International Suppliers Fair in Wolfsburg, DRÄXLMAIER is presenting innovations under the motto "Outstanding Solutions through Synergy"

The automotive industry is in the midst of the most comprehensive technological transformation in its history. Megatrends such as digitization, electrification and sustainability are changing the automobile from the ground up. However, this also increases the complexity that automobile manufacturers and their suppliers have to master.

The DRÄXLMAIER Group relies on a holistic approach so that the customers of the top 100 automotive supplier will continue to be ahead in the market. To do this, the experts at DRÄXLMAIER think in systems – beyond product boundaries and product areas. Under the motto Outstanding Solutions through Synergy , the DRÄXLMAIER Group bundles its expertise in interior, electronics, electrics, components and battery systems.
DRÄXLMAIER will be presenting all of its current innovation focuses from October 11th to 13th at the International Suppliers Fair at Stand 1225 in Hall 1 in Wolfsburg. The focus is on our wiring system and the interior of the future, e-mobility and sustainability.

Rethinking the vehicle electrical system and making it future-proof

Numerous innovative functions and equipment features in the vehicle present the vehicle electrical system with completely new, complex challenges. DRÄXLMAIER has long since developed alternatives to pave the way for future developments: from a one-piece cable set to function-oriented and zonal architecture. Based on its electronics expertise, DRÄXLMAIER has developed electronic and hybrid power distributors for the zonal on-board power supply. These act as intelligent interfaces to the zonal vehicle electrical system architectures.

Comprehensive e-mobility package

The DRÄXLMAIER Group offers the complete e-mobility package from the charging socket to the wiring harness and the battery electronics to the battery system. This enables an optimal interaction of the individual components, prevents unnecessary performance losses in the system and contributes to the overall performance.
An important element here is the optimized high-voltage charging system. As a complete system from a single source, the high-voltage charging system reduces complexity and the number of interfaces and enables fast charging.

Function-integrated competence for the interior of the future

DRÄXLMAIER integrates functions such as heating and ventilation and their operation by touch into the surface of the interior. The lighting solutions from the premium supplier enable intuitive operation, seamless communication between the passenger and the vehicle and ensure atmospheric and individual interior lighting. An important component in the interior is the “FIS Touch” technology (Functionally Integrated System). A touch control is implemented under a hard and under a soft surface and (in the case of the soft surface) illuminated by a translucent textile.

Proactively sustainable for sustainable products

For many years, the DRÄXLMAIER Group has proactively used sustainable solutions for all its products. The focus is always on the entire value chain: from the selection of materials and components, to product design and logistics, right through to manufacturing required energy. Specifically, DRÄXLMAIER relies, among other things, on lightweight construction and designs resource-saving processes. In addition, the premium supplier creates its interior products with numerous biological materials. In this way, DRÄXLMAIER noticeably reduces the CO2 footprint.


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