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Solvay honored with 2022 Suppliers Partnership for the environment

The award acknowledges the company’s committed sustainable practices across the automotive value chain

Solvay, a leading supplier of advanced materials, has announced that it has won the 2022 Suppliers Partnership (SP) Award for Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices. The award recognizes “remarkable creativity in implementing environmental sustainability programs and practices within the North American automotive supply chain”. A committee of leading SP OEM members (including Ford, General Motors, Honda, Stellantis and Toyota) selected Solvay for its sustainable manufacturing of a bio-based polymer program and the measurable results in reducing the carbon footprint within the past 24 months.

Solvay was recognized for its development of a new partially bio-based polyphthalamide (PPA) called Amodel® BIOS PPA designed to support automotive carbon reduction targets while also delivering on the technical targets needed for new electric vehicle components. Alongside its development of this new product, Solvay distinguished for its work in addressing the energy, waste, and water usage at its manufacturing plant in Augusta, Georgia where the PPA resin is produced, including the site’s use of 100% renewable electricity.

“We are honored with this prestigious distinction, which acknowledges our continuing journey of improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact in line with the Solvay One Planet roadmap,” says Brian Baleno, Head of Automotive Marketing at Solvay. “In particular, the award highlights our dedicated initiatives to implement sustainable manufacturing practices, including the use of renewable energy, reductions in water consumption, and lower waste generation.”

Criteria of the award include Systems Thinking & Net Benefit with regard to environmental, economic and community aspects, Creativity & Innovation in terms of implemented sustainable technology and practices, and measurable Environmental Sustainability Impacts achieved. The award was presented to Solvay during an SP Awards Ceremony on October 27 in Georgetown, Kentucky (USA).

SOURCE: Solvay

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