PSA Aftermarket at the Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt

Groupe PSA’s aim in the aftermarket segment is to fulfil all customers’ aftersales expectations worldwide, regardless of their purchasing power and the make and age of their vehicle

Groupe PSA’s aim in the aftermarket segment is to fulfil all customers’ aftersales expectations worldwide, regardless of their purchasing power and the make and age of their vehicle.

  •  Distrigo is the Group’s multi-brand spare parts distribution label. In Europe, its marketing and logistics offensive has led to the opening of a competitive, new operational network of 130 distribution hubs, which make the banner a “one stop shop” for the distribution of spare parts to both accredited and independent auto repair shops.

The Group is also rolling out the multi-brand distribution offering in other parts of the world such as Latin America, through joint ventures with SK in Brazil and the Etman group in Argentina, as well as China, through the acquisition of spare parts distributor Jian Xin in early 2018 and the opening of its first distribution hub with DPCA.

Distrigo markets an extensive range of spare parts including original parts, the multi‑brand Eurorepar range, as well as multibrand supplier parts. Distrigo’s offering covers virtually all the needs of auto repair shops, with more than 100,000 parts stored at Groupe PSA’s master warehouses and 29 renowned suppliers working alongside the Group to deliver the offering, which is unprecedented among carmakers. After launching in Germany in July 2018, the label is now available in 10 countries.

In early 2018, Distrigo extended its offering to include tyres, which are now stored at Groupe PSA’s Master Warehouse in Vesoul, France. This storage strategy has enabled the Group to maximise the number of brands in its offering, with 220,000 Eurorepar or other brand tyres currently stored at Vesoul for rapid daily delivery to Distrigo hubs.

By January 2020, the Opel and Vauxhall brands will be fully integrated in the Distrigo distribution system. Distrigo’s hubs will market original Opel and Vauxhall parts.

Distrigo is also a highly competitive logistics system offering new tools aimed at constantly improving service quality. These include Service Box, the comprehensive, multi-brand order portal (covering all types of parts, equipment, accessories, Products for Professionals) that is both detailed (providing in‑depth technical information) and easy to use (with a single URL and basket).

In July 2018, the OEM parts offering was launched in Germany, where it is being rolled out at six hubs over the second half of the year, and nine additional hubs in 2019.

As in France, Distrigo hubs in Germany have been working with the Autobutler platform to develop the independent repair shop business, in particular Euro Repar Car Service.

  •  Eurorepar is Groupe PSA’s range of multi-brand spare parts and accessories for maintenance and wear and tear.

Eurorepar has recently expanded its product range and significantly enhanced its visibility, with:

  • the world premiere of a large number of new products:
    • new range of gearbox and engine oils, rounded out with the launch of the Eurorepar 0W30 oil,
    • wider brakes range – pads and discs now cover more than 90% of European vehicles,
    • new clutch range,
    • new starter/alternator range,
    • new mini-range of front windscreen wiper blades, with 11 products covering 95% of European vehicles,
    • new range of wheel bearing kits,
    • range of Eurorepar Reliance summer tyres, and Eurorepar Reliance winter tyre range announced for mid-2019,
    • extended range of accessories, including covers, mats and wheel trims,
    • range of handheld tools for the Eurorepar tool trolley;
  • investment in product quality as well as quality and comprehensiveness of technical data about the range, now available in TecDoc.

The Eurorepar range demonstrates Groupe PSA’s commitment to protect its brands and combat counterfeiting. Sixty percent of its parts are now fitted with the security label introduced by the Group in 2017. The label gives each product a unique, traceable identity and features an individual QR code that can be scanned to verify the product’s authenticity.

In Germany, Eurorepar’s sales growth has been driven by a strong B2B and B2C marketing offensive involving a variety of initiatives, including an email campaign launched in partnership with Autoscout24.

  • Euro Repar Car Service, Groupe PSA’s multi-brand maintenance and repair network, is continuing its expansion in France and the rest of the world. In just one year, the network has opened locations in Algeria, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, Sweden and Saudi Arabia, bringing its total number of host countries to 22.

At the Automechanika trade show, the network is aiming to recruit new partner garages and will be presenting its enhanced range of licence services, including its used vehicle offering available in France, Belgium, Portugal and Germany, and its partnership with Autobutler.

The network will take advantage of Automechanika to celebrate the opening of its 400th partner garage in Germany, highlighting its rapid pace of expansion in the country. The new marketing campaign, “Awareness Boost” is designed to improve recognition of the network among the general public. A broad range of online and offline initiatives have been launched with the help of racing driver Cyndie er brand , the network’s new ambassador.

In parallel, the banner is continuing to extend its offering, with new partnerships aimed at helping members grow their business:

– warranty programme with the ADAC;

– used car label (sourcing and warranty with CarGarantie);

– partnership with developer Werbas to market an affordable, high-performance dealership management system (DMS);

– partnerships with Autobutler and Autoscout24.

  •  Forwelt is a consumables brand for bodywork professionals. The brand’s compact range, which is structured around repair shop requirements, has been developed to meet the needs of the entire bodywork repair process. It improves the performance and productivity of professionals while offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Forwelt was launched in Germany in summer 2018. Automechanika therefore marks the start of the marketing offensive for the brand, which broadens the Group’s offering for garages with a more extensive one stop shop solution.

  •  Autobutler, an online quote platform, was created in Denmark in 2010. It has since been rolled out in four countries, including France and Germany. Groupe PSA acquired Autobutler in 2016 with the aim of stepping up its rollout internationally and helping it to become a European leader. Autobutler is designed to ensure smooth, straightforward relations between drivers and mechanics.