PPG Introduces PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge Powder Coatings for Corrosion Protection

First-of-its-kind technology offers one-coat edge protection for metal parts subjected to extreme environments

PPG today announced the launch of PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge coatings, which use a patent-pending, advanced powder coatings technology that delivers exceptional edge corrosion protection in one coat. Specially formulated to cover sharp edges created during metal fabrication, this innovative technology provides coverage that far surpasses standard one-coat and two-coat powder systems.

PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings mark a significant technical advancement in edge coverage, offering applicators a competitive advantage in protecting the most vulnerable areas of metal exposed to corrosive conditions. The direct-to-metal coatings are fully reclaimable and deliver significant savings in material, labor, utilities and time.

PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings require no primer, and applicators do not need to modify their existing coatings lines or add equipment to use this new solution. Applicators also can save capital costs by avoiding the need to finish edges with mechanical edge rounding or blasting equipment. Longer term, PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings have the potential to reduce warranty claims and improve resale value by extending the product lifecycle.

“Combining uniform edge coverage and exceptional corrosion protection in a primerless, one-coat system is a challenge that coatings manufacturers have been facing for many years,” said Shelley Verdun, PPG global product manager, powder coatings. “PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings are the first one-coat product to successfully unite these characteristics, offering customers a range of benefits and benchmark performance that cannot be replicated by any other coating on the market.”

PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings add industry-changing performance to the company’s existing world-class polyester powder coatings technology, which has provided decades of field-proven environmental and corrosion resistance. The new coatings are available in a full range of standard and custom-matched colors, including mica and metallics, and can be applied using manual and automatic powder coating systems.


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