One control for all systems

Both the HMI panel and the visualization for Schuler machines now have a uniform appearance

Göppingen, July 18, 2019 – Whether it’s a large press shop or a small stamping company, different Schuler machines are often brought together under one roof: from small stamping presses to transfer presses with coil line to press lines and blanking lines. Depending on the year of construction and the type of machine, they might all be equipped with a different control, which makes use difficult. For this reason, Schuler has developed a uniform appearance of both the visualization and the control panel for all of its systems.

Users have the opportunity to register themselves not only with their name and password, but also with their fingerprint, via RFID chip or face recognition on the control panel. For safety reasons, Schuler has decided not to integrate USB sockets, as this will not allow malicious software to be transferred to the system, whether intentionally or not.

The operation of the control follows the same philosophy. This means that the same function can be found in the same place on every system. The buttons’ caption under the display is based on ePaper technology and can be changed with one click, for example, to other languages.

Schuler has succeeded in creating a new standard for operating more than 30 different machine types. It is already in customer use, for example, or about to be used in the case of hot stamping presses, blanking lines, forging lines, high-speed presses for the production of electric motor laminations and minting presses. Existing machines can also be retrofitted with it.