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Nikola addresses key business topics in CEO chat and Q&A

President and CEO Steve Girsky discusses the company's vision, recent achievements, challenges, and future outlook

PHOENIX – September 13, 2023 – Steve Girsky, President and CEO Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA), a global leader in zero-emissions transportation and energy supply and infrastructure solutions, via the HYLA brand, engaged in a candid and informative CEO Chat and Q&A session today, providing valuable insights into the company’s strategic direction and current developments as it relates to four key topics based on the questions received:

  1. Battery-electric truck recall
  2. Production and delivery expectations
  3. Hydrogen infrastructure buildout
  4. Nikolas future and outlook

The session commenced with an introduction to Girsky’s background and his journey with Nikola, highlighting his belief in the company’s substantial potential. He emphasized Nikola’s unique position in the zero-emission Class 8 truck market, underscoring the believed gap between Nikola and its competitors.

Girsky pointed out the vast opportunities in zero-emission commercial transportation and Nikola’s commitment to being a leader in this space, drawing parallels to his prior experiences with industry disruptors.

The importance of Nikola’s cradle-to-grave approach was discussed, focusing on downstream revenue streams and long-term profitability. Drawing from his extensive automotive background, Girsky emphasized the financial advantages of this comprehensive business model.

Girsky passionately described his experience as Nikola’s CEO, commending the dedication and drive of the team. He cited recent achievements, such as the commencement of hydrogen fuel cell electric truck production, the impressive performance of gamma hydrogen fuel cell test trucks, and successful customer fuel cell demos as evidence of Nikola’s progress.

Customers and stakeholders were assured of Nikola’s unwavering commitment to safety and its ongoing efforts to efficiently address any concerns relating to the battery-electric truck recall.

The attractiveness of Nikola’s products to customers were highlighted, which are reinforced by various state and federal incentives. He discussed the “Innovative Small e-Fleet program” in Calif., which offers substantial vouchers for Nikola’s vehicles, leading to strong customer demand.

Girsky discussed Nikola’s ambitious plans for the hydrogen infrastructure, emphasizing the significance of Calif. as a launchpad for the hydrogen highway. He detailed the deployment of mobile fuelers and collaborations with multiple suppliers to secure hydrogen supply, positioning Nikola as a frontrunner in hydrogen refueling solutions.

In conclusion, Girsky conveyed his optimism for Nikola’s future, emphasizing the significance of Calif. in the company’s commitment to its goals. He assured stakeholders that Nikola is moving in the right direction, with an unwavering focus on its mission to pioneer solutions for a zero-emissions world.

SOURCE: Nikola

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