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New Bosch DCI 200 single common-rail injector test bench featuring a novel measuring system for modern injector technologies

Economical testing of common-rail injectors in passenger cars and trucks

In everyday workshop practice, new emissions standards mean that the precise testing of the common-rail injectors installed in modern diesel engines is becoming increasingly important. The more accurately injector volume can be measured, the more precisely injectors can be adjusted. Bosch has now developed the DCI 200, a single common-rail injector test bench. Like the DCI 700, it can accurately and reliably test common-rail injectors for passenger cars and trucks. Thanks to a new measuring system, the DCI 200 can also be used to test injectors equipped with the latest injection-control systems, such as valve-closing control (VCC) and needle-closing control (NCC). An electronic closed-loop control ensures the metering accuracy of injectors featuring VCC and NCC over their entire service life and plays a part in compliance with prevailing emissions standards.

Short testing time: one injector in less than 15 minutes

The assembly and disassembly of a passenger-car or truck injector takes less than one minute. The time taken to test a clamped injector is therefore 15 minutes at the most. All in all, the system is very servicing-friendly, also because there is no longer any need for high-pressure hoses. Software and data updates for test schedules can be downloaded online.

Workflows are both more ergonomic and more efficient

Apart from modern measuring technology, the Bosch engineers placed great importance on efficient and ergonomic workflows, as well as intuitive operation. The operator can stand upright at the test bench and does not have to bend down in order to clamp the injectors in place. In addition, the DCI 200’s beveled base allows the operator to stand more closely to the test bench.

Specialized Bosch Diesel Service workshops worldwide

The Bosch diesel workshops around the world specialize in servicing and repairing diesel injection systems, as well as in repairing individual diesel injection components. All workshop associates have received special training, and have the latest diagnostic and testing equipment at their fingertips, as well as the necessary special tools. Their high level of diesel expertise and experience, which in most cases stretches over many years, means that they enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry.


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