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New Bosch Aerotwin J.E.T Blade with spray nozzles integrated in wiper blade

Better vision and greater safety thanks to more targeted windshield cleaning

If the washer fluid used to clean the front windshield is sprayed from conventional nozzles, some of the fluid is frequently wasted as spray mist. Not only that: the mist also hampers the driver’s field of vision. The new Bosch Aerotwin J.E.T Blade windshield wipers featuring Jet Evolution technology (J.E.T) distribute the washer fluid directly in front of the wiper. This is because the spray nozzles are integrated in the blade. The result is a more efficient clean without bothersome spray mist, and thus also better vision and greater safety. With the new J.E.T Blade wipers, which supplement the proven Aerotwin wiper range, Bosch can now also equip vehicles that feature the unheated spray nozzle technology ex works and deploy washer fluid precisely where it is needed on the windshield.

Ex works, a number of Volvo, Ford, Tesla, and Mercedes-Benz models already feature wiper blades with an integrated spray function. For these vehicles, the new Bosch Aerotwin J.E.T Blade will be available from the end of 2022. Bosch will be gradually extending its aftermarket range as more new vehicles feature this technology. Conventional wiper blades cannot be replaced with wipers featuring the new Jet Evolution Technology.

Patented wiper rubber coating for a long life

Apart from integrated spray nozzles, the Aerotwin J.E.T Blade wipers feature Power Protection Plus wiper rubber technology, with long-life wiper rubber formula, and spring strips made of Evodium steel. This ensures outstanding wiping performance even in extreme weather conditions. In combination with the aerodynamically optimized spoiler, moreover, the dual spring strips press the wiper more firmly against the windshield as air currents become stronger, so that wiping performance is better even at high speeds.

Bosch has taken care to make its packaging sustainable. The Aerotwin J.E.T Blade is the first Bosch wiper blade to be sold in completely plastic-free packaging. The recess that holds the wiper in place in the packaging is made of cellulose, and can be disposed of as waste paper together with the rest of the packaging.


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