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Mikro India is RAYLASE’s partner for entering the Indian e-mobility market

In order to increase its presence in the rapidly growing E-mobility market in India, RAYLASE is joining forces with Mikro India

In order to increase its presence in the rapidly growing E-mobility market in India, RAYLASE is joining forces with Mikro India. The company Mikro India was founded in 2008 and is specialized in the automation and integration of production lines for the e-mobility market. Mikro India supports its customers with special machines in the field of laser processing, among others. Now, Mikro India also offers RAYLASE’s high-quality products for EV battery production to Indian customers

Although RAYLASE was already active in India in previous years, the relevant market for precise laser scanners in India at that time was rather small.

However, the Indian e-mobility market is growing rapidly, and India is already among the top five players in the automotive industry worldwide. For example, in 2020, the Indian market for lithium-ion batteries was valued at USD 1.6 billion. It is expected to reach USD 4.85 billion by 2027, registering CAGR of 17.23% during the forecast period of 2022 -2027.

This makes it increasingly interesting for European companies.

With RAYLASE’s focus on laser processes in the e-mobility market, India now offers significantly greater potential. Therefore, the company has decided to re-enter the market through a sales and post-sales support partnership with Mikro India. And Mikro India has already proven that they are a good choice for the Indian market as they also have enabled, major German laser manufacturers, to enter the Indian market in the e-mobility sector.

Mikro India offers important added value for RAYLASE’s Indian customers

In its role as RAYLASE’s partner, Mikro India brings valuable skills to the table. As Mikro India supports its customers in the integration and automation of production lines and Laser based special systems, they know the products and the added value for the customer and the possible applications. This has been an important aspect for RAYLASE in selecting the right partner. Mikro India now also provides services and customer support for RAYLASE locally in India. Extensive training and further education of Mikro India laser experts is already underway for this purpose.

Summary: Through the new cooperation, both partners plan to further increase their market share in the Indian e-mobility production, and they want to support the local manufacturers with high-quality laser processes optimized for production.


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