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JAC passenger car brand Sihao launched with debut of the big six-seat SUV X8

On September 26, witnessed by Anjin, JAC Group chairman, and media guests, the brand new medium-sized SUV Sihao X8 was launched

The tide of times has set off a huge wave of consumption upgrades, and also put forward higher requirements for JAC products and services. Facing the new era of development opportunities, JAC adheres to innovation and solid work, deepens open cooperation, and promotes the enterprise transformation and upgrading.

On September 26, witnessed by Anjin, JAC Group chairman, and media guests, the brand new medium-sized SUV Sihao X8 was launched. During the Beijing Auto Show, in addition to Sihao passenger cars, JAC star models such as M6 MAX and high-end wide-body pickup T9 also made their debut, continuing to provide users travel solutions with more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, intelligent, and comfortable.

To bring users with a refreshing and stunning design, Sihao passenger car initiates a new design philosophy of “Aesthetics of the times”, opening up and facing a new era. It empowers the design language of simplicity, dynamic and full of vitality.
In terms of intelligence, Sihao is committed to L3 mass production applications and promotes L4 demonstration operations in terms of intelligence. In terms of networking, Sihao is committed to achieve 5G vehicle network production applications and V2X demonstration operations, and make intelligent cockpit beyond the consumers?imagination. A safer, more convenient, and more efficient world of Internet of Everything will be opened up by Sihao.

To bring users with a better quality car life, continue to deepen open cooperation with VW, and step from comprehensively benchmark to comprehensively meet the standards, Sihao passenger car comprehensively benchmark the VW MQB platform, modularize vehicle platforms, and will start from electric, to fuel-powered and hybrid vehicles.

Deepen cooperation and explore new model of enterprise mixed-ownership’eform. For JAC, the year 2020 is the year of further cooperation with VW, as well as a year of brand strategy landing and pressing the fast-forward button of transformation and upgrade. On May 29, JAC completed an agreement to further deepen the joint venture and cooperation with VW and explore a new model for deepening the mixed-ownership of large state-owned enterprise. With the following-up synergy of electrification platforms and electrical technologies, it will further contribute to the development plan of “30% of new energy vehicles in 2025”. On the afternoon of June 11, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Province, JAC and Volkswagen jointly signed the JAC Investment Agreement through cloud contract signing, and JAC and Volkswagen signed the JAC Volkswagen Investment Agreement and the Framework Agreement on product portfolio.

Today, the introduction of VW management system and quality standards not only empowers JAC to enter the passenger car 3.0 era, but also provides a model for Chinese and foreign auto companies to carry out such in-depth cooperation.

Comprehensive Bench-Marking of VW, Promote X8 Upgrades

JAC will continue to deepen cooperation and promote rapidly to reach the same standards of VW. The Sihao passenger car has opened a new era of same international level standards and sharing the new value created. For system, JAC introduced German VDA quality management standards. For manufacturing, JAC invested 200 million RMB yuan to upgrade the production line, apply technologies such as blue ray automatic detection, ultrasonic welding spot analysis, TLD torque online monitoring, waterproof probe detection. Besides, JAC upgraded key technologies such as dual brake vacuum source, low rolling resistance wheel bearing seal structure, EPS body stability control system, etc. On test and verification, relying on the national level laboratory, the industry-renowned testing team of “Four highs & One mountain”, and the first three-arc high speed ring runway test site, performances such as parts reliability, NVH, in-car air quality, vehicle reliability and maneuverability, achieve maximum condition before leaving the plant.

To integrate innovation into development, to reach standards in an all-round manner. In terms of quality, the QK value representing the quality grade is reduced to below 2.5 to meet the global VW quality standards. In terms of braking, the 100 km braking distance is reduced to 38.41m to ensure safety. As for NVH, it is as low as only 67.4 db at 120km/h. Besides, the steering wheel free clearance is =2? reducing invalid steering and avoiding driving fatigue. As for vehicle handling, with clutch pedal force<85N, and acceleration pedal force 8N-35N, excellent transmission effect brings more control pleasure. The white body torsional tiffness reaches above 15619 Nm/?and bending stiffness reaches above 23083 N/mm, and brings a safer, more stable and comfortable travel experience.

Cloud Gala, Online Beijing auto show for global customers

With the global changes of economic environment, technological changes lead to changes of global media. JAC International team actively use digital communication means to invite global dealers and customers to participate the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2020 online.

“Cloud Wishes”: JAC International team did an all-round marketing warming-up with rich content for the Exhibition. A series of events was launched like the racing between British KOL and JAC driver, the life of foreigners in Beijing, and series short videos of “I have received the Beijing Auto Show invitation” , etc. At the same time, take Beijing culture as the starting point, JAC integrate better driving with the concept of better life brand.

“Cloud Blessings”: Although due to objective factors, many overseas customers were unable to physically visit, JAC has received blessing videos from over 30 global commercial vehicle or passenger car partners and over 200 people are involved in the videos. They have also posted the news of Beijing Auto Show in their own websites and social media.

“Cloud Exhibitor”: JAC International elaborately build a multi-lingual team of six languages, to report the news through more than 20 live streams for overseas distributors and customers, mainstream overseas social media like FACEBOOK and YOUBUTE etc., ZOOM, WeChat, local markets media and vertical websites. With both brand promotions, and regional and professional marketing strategy communication, JAC continues to attract global attention. The first live stream of JAC was watched by up to 800 people, reaching 1.7 million, interacting with 42,000 people and was commented and shared by 600 times.

JAC will maintain the willpower and adhere to technological innovation, master the core technology, improve viability and development capabilities with deeper reform and a higher level of openness. With high-quality products, JAC aims to continuously improve the user experience, and to create a safer, more comfortable, intelligent car life.


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