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Innovative advanced developments in connected infotainment, navigation and voice control

Networked mobility of Preh Car Connect in the new Passat

A milestone in the success of Preh Car Connect (PCC): The automotive supplier from Dresden has led the way with the third generation of the Modular Infotainment Kit (MIB3). The MIB3 will be installed as the centerpiece of networked mobility in the new VW Passat. Volkswagen recently launched the production of the new Passat with groundbreaking infotainment and connectivity functions. PCC contributed to the advanced infotainment solution through its key developments in cloud-based navigation, voice recognition, and mobile connectivity.

“The new complex MIB3 from Preh Car Connect means that we have overcome the previously closed boundaries for functionality on one device,” explains Stavros Mitrakis, PCC’s Managing Director. “We have linked hardware and software to various cloud services for the first time, significantly expanding infotainment functionality.”

Innovative advances in navigation applications

PCC’s advances in navigation applications are particularly innovative. The Dresden-based company is enabling cloud services – which will be used by millions of motorists in the future. In concrete terms, this leads to improved route calculations which take into account current traffic reports, roadworks, road closures and the actual traffic flow. Dynamic information such as gas station prices or the occupancy rate of networked parking lots can also be accessed.

During navigation, selected sights such as the Semper Opera House or the Brandenburg Gate are displayed in an attractive 3D graphic. These sights are embedded in subtly drawn 3D city models to create a realistic cityscape with optimal clarity.

Speech Control: Dialog in Natural Language

PCC has also made a particularly big advance in terms of speech recognition. Based on developments by a well-known US provider, PCC’s cloud has improved the user-friendliness of voice control compared to previous generations in such a way that a voice dialogue is possible in nearly natural language. The use of confining commands such as “navigate” are no longer needed. Instead, the system knows that if the command is “I’m hungry!”, it should look for a restaurant! Only the wake-up phrase “Hello Volkswagen” is required.

The intelligent voice dialog can also be used to control searches for radio stations or calls to contacts in the phone books of connected smartphones.

Connecting smartphones to the vehicle has also been significantly optimized. Connections, for example with Car Play, are no longer by cable, but of course now work “wirelessly”.

The development of the MIB3 took about three and a half years. PCC won a VW concept competition between ten participants in April 2015. PCC began developing the MIB3 in January 2016.


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