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IC Bus introduces the next generation of student transportation to support sustainability goals

Today IC Bus introduced the next generation of school bus transportation

Today IC Bus introduced the next generation of school bus transportation. Designed around three guiding principles – fostering a healthy future, leading in safety and technology, and offering best-in-class solutions – the leader in the school bus market is taking a new approach to its commitment to sustainable student transportation.

“Over the last few years, the school bus industry has experienced significant changes with driver shortages, new regulations, and the rapid shift to electric,” said Justina Morosin, vice president and general manager, IC Bus. “We have taken every aspect of these changes into consideration and built not only a newly designed bus, but an approach to transporting upcoming generations toward a more sustainable future.”

“Harnessing our ambition, leveraging our resources and honoring our history, we anticipate the next generation of IC Bus to truly be ahead of its class,” added Morosin.

Fostering a Healthy Future

Navistar has set clear ambitions of 50% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030 and 100% by 2040, the school bus market being the tip of the spear for electrification. School buses have the opportunity to remove more than 5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and air pollutants, allowing for cleaner, safer air for students, their families, and the neighborhoods in which they live. When looking at the next generation, the all-new IC Bus® CE Series helps accelerate the impact of sustainable mobility through the availability of diesel and electric powertrain options.

In the U.S., 60% of students in low-income communities ride the bus to school compared to 45% of their peers. By prioritizing social impact and diversity, equity, and inclusion through the development of electric buses, sustainability can be brought to lower-income neighborhoods and students.

The next generation outlook includes education in neighborhoods on both the environmental and safety impacts of utilizing school buses for transportation. The goal of IC Bus is to provide peace of mind that school districts can align with a brand focused on community well-being.

Leading in Safety and Technology

The next generation of IC Bus is driven by enhanced safety for drivers and students, improved operating efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Working from extensive customer feedback and industry experience, the all-new CE Series incorporates updates that focus on enhanced safety specifications and innovative functionality options. A multitude of integrated driver assistance systems, design enhancements geared toward safety, factory-installed telematics systems, and driver comfortability improvements build on the brand’s industry-leading options.

Navistar is leveraging partnerships and resources as part of the TRATON Group to accelerate progress on technologies that anticipate and help manage coming demands. This has allowed for accelerated progress on systems and technologies to better meet customers’ needs.

Offering Best-in-Class Solutions

Through the development of proactive and predictive tools, analytical insights, and vehicle connectivity, IC Bus has worked to reduce unplanned downtime and help to improve on-time performance. These proactive tools assist in the ability to schedule service appointments, get daily updates, and communications electronically through the IC Bus® 360 portal, and monitor charge history and vehicle efficiency data.

To further simplify the transition to electric, a dedicated Zero Emissions team operates around a three-step process of consulting, charging, and deployment. Through the help of partnerships and the expansive IC Bus ® dealer network, customers are assisted through each step of the process, from determining correct charging options to route planning simulations and optimization.

Because electric vehicles require unique service, parts, infrastructure, and safety requirements, IC Bus requires each dealer to become certified to sell, service and support them. The certification process guarantees that the service of the electric bus will be supported by local dealers and technicians who are trained, knowledgeable, and can leverage support network of e-mobility experts to provide unparalleled ownership experience for the life of the vehicle.

“We continue to believe that the school bus is a prime early application for vehicle electrification,” said Mathias Carlbaum, CEO and president. “The introduction of the next generation of IC Bus allows us to build solutions today that transport the next generation to a better, more sustainable future.”

SOURCE: Navistar

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