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GWM unveiling 6 models of NEVs, at 43th Bangkok International Motor Show

From March 21 to April 3, GWM, with the theme of “Leading the Future”, showcased its matrix of NEVs at the 43th Bangkok International Motor Show

From March 21 to April 3, GWM, with the theme of “Leading the Future”, showcased its matrix of NEVs at the 43th Bangkok International Motor Show. HAVAL H6 HEV, HAVAL H6 PHEV, HAVAL JOLION HEV and ORA GOODCAT were all on display. Among these models, ORA GOODCAT GT and TANK 300 HEV Concept Car was unveiled for the first time in Thailand and have received much attention.

On February 9, 2021, the GWM brand was officially launched in the Thai market. In the past year, GWM has successfully brought its 3 NEV models of HAVAL H6 HEV, HAVAL JOLION HEV and ORA GOODCAT into the Thai market. These 3 NEV models were rapidly recognized by Thai users by virtue of their product strength of intelligence technology and fashionable personality.

Since being put into the Thai market at the end of June 2021, HAVAL H6 HEV has been the top-selling NEV model in the market segment for 5 consecutive months, and has always maintained its leading position in the market. ORA GOODCAT was open for pre-sale in Thailand in October 2021, with the number of the intent orders exceeding 10,000 quickly, thus becoming the hot EV model in Thailand. Moreover, HAVAL JOLION HEV becomes the smart travel partner of Thai users as it is a model of intelligent NEV.

At present, GWM has built the first overseas brand experience center in Thailand, and initiated the “four-dimensions-in-one” new retail service network. It has also built its world’s first super charging station integrated with photovoltaic storage and charging in Bangkok, and innovatively introduced the “three-in-one” charging network covering GWM super charging stations, charging service at partner stores, and charging spots at destination, thus creating the NEV ecology involving smart products, charging services and lifestyles for users.

TANK 300 HEV Concept Car also was unveiled at the show. As a luxurious intelligent off-road hybrid SUV, it is created through the global leading intelligent off-road platform, and has rock, sand, sport and many other driving modes. With the 2.0T+9HAT powertrain and innovative transparent chassis technology adopted, moreover, it has the strong off-road performance and can provide users with luxurious intelligent new experience.

According to Zhang Jiaming, President of GWM ASEAN Division, TANK 300 HEV Concept Car shows that the global R&D work of GWM has reached a new level, and is a new model of intelligent off-road hybrid SUV in the Thai market. It is also our latest practice of fulfilling the brand promise and developing the Thai market.

In order to respond to policies of the Thai government for supporting EVs, GWM has officially signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Thailand Excise Department on March 21, the first day of the show, and becomes one of the first batch of auto enterprises that respond to the supportive policies for BEVs of Thailand. By signing the MOU, GWM reaffirms its long-term promise for the Thai market, supports Thailand to become its R&D and manufacturing center in the ASEAN region, and is committed to promoting the development of Thai NEV industry.

In 2022, GWM will continue to implement its vision of being the leading brand of NEVs, and release a number of NEV models in the Thai market. Moreover, it will also expand and improve the sales and charging service outlets. It plans to expand the number of sales service outlets to 80, and that of charging outlets to 55.

Narong Sritalayon, Marketing General Manager of GWM in Thailand, announced at the show that, GWM will cooperate with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to construct the charging stations, and develop the GWM APP, including the popularization of the proper use of charging devices, so as to provide EV users with safe and convenient charging services.

Making appearance at the show with all-star matrix of NEVs and responding to the supportive policies for NEVs of Thailand are the new initiatives of GWM to further implement the core strategy of Thai market. Meanwhile, these initiatives also show the creative thinking and youthful vitality of GWM brands under the new ecology of intelligent technology. In 2022, GWM will enter the period of steady acceleration for its development in the Thai market.!


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