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Geely: Why the Xingyue L is Not Just ‘Another’ SUV

Geely’s newest SUV is well-deserving of the title “newest, high-end, flagship SUV”

The number of SUVs going to market every year is staggering, and that number is rising fast – current figures show that SUVs held a 46.89% market share in 2020, a 7% increase from the previous year. In an already highly saturated market segment, standing out becomes quite challenging, so Geely Auto decided to make a bold statement with its latest SUV offering, declaring it as its “newest, high-end flagship SUV”. While this may seem like a statement packed with industry buzzwords, the Xingyue L is well-deserving of them. Here’s why…

High-end…without the high price tag

What makes the Xingyue L high-end? First things first, just look at it. Many have drawn comparisons between Geely’s SUV and brands that would charge (at least) double for something similar looking. The strong proportions of the Xingyue L undoubtedly give it a premium look, with an impression that is both classic and familiar, yet trendy and new at the same time.

Whoever said “don’t let appearances deceive you” was lying – the Xingyue L’s interior is just as enjoyable to sit in as the exterior is to look at: infotainment systems so big they would make the latest EVs blush, plush, custom suede seating and a 10-speaker Bose sound system just to start. What separates this ‘high-end’ SUV from all of the rest is that you get it all without a price tag that is financially crippling. As one YouTuber puts it, the winning factor for many of Geely’s cars is “they are offering luxury without burning a hole in your wallet.”

A flagship among flagships

Geely’s Xingyue L was released as the third vehicle in the ‘Star’ series, alongside the Preface and the Tugella, all of which are based on the Group’s CMA platform (the Chinese word ‘Xīng’, which features in the original names of the three, translates to ‘Star’ in English). Using the brand’s more versatile platform, these vehicles have been chosen to carry the brand’s flag in recent years and going into the future.

What makes the Xingyue L ‘flagship’ material? Its engine, for starters, is a Volvo and Geely jointly-developed 2.0L turbo direct-inject engine paired with either Geely’s 7-speed DCT or Aisin’s 8-speed automatic transmission to match the car’s solid looks with equally-solid performance credentials. The Geely Xingyue L will be the first car to offer Geely’s GHS2.0 hybrid powertrain system in its future models, which will provide a world-class thermal efficiency of 43.32% and fuel savings exceeding 40%.

In the tech department too, the new SUV will be the brand’s most capable in terms of autonomous drive functions, surpassing the L2 previously available in other models.

New functions include a 5G-enabled 100% automated valet parking feature that allows the car to find its own parking and HWA (Highway Assist) which means the car can autonomously change lanes.

An SUV to remember

Despite these breakthroughs, the Xingyue L doesn’t forget its DNA as a sports utility vehicle: a wide wheel track, long wheelbase, AWD, massive interior and boot space, all on top of 20-inch wheels which position the SUV as practical, reliable, and ready for adventure.

Demand for SUVs is growing, with more brands hopping aboard the SUV bandwagon to obtain an increasingly bigger slice of the SUV pie. This means users expect more for less, and that only the most competitive packages will survive. On its global release in China, the Xingyue L had already received 30,000 pre-orders. With numbers so good in Geely Auto’s domestic market, the next question can only be, “where to next?”


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