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Functionality, fuel efficiency, driving comfort and exclusivity: Mercedes-Benz Trucks will be showcasing the latest of its diesel-powered trucks at the IAA Transportation 2022 trade fair in Hanover

Actros L offers a wide range of features for relaxed driving, comfortable living and efficient working

With pioneering innovations, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has, over recent years, elevated the various models of the Actros series to a very high level in terms of their efficiency, comfort and safety for all road users. However, the commercial vehicle industry cannot and must not stand still, especially as transport companies and truck manufacturers are facing major challenges in a highly competitive environment, including the absolutely necessary decarbonization of road freight transport. It is therefore all the more important to make use of all options – also within the context of tried-and-tested diesel trucks – to optimize the vehicles. The manufacturer with the star at the IAA Transportation 2022 trade fair in Hanover will show which innovative solutions Mercedes-Benz Trucks intends to use to further expand its strong market position in this segment with the help of the Actros L, the Actros L Edition 3 and the Actros F plus. Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks: “The transition to CO2-neutral road transport is in full swing. For the transitional phase, we aim to further optimize our premium trucks with conventional diesel engines, not only in the interest of our customers, not only to sustainably reduce the total cost of ownership, but also the CO2 footprint.”

Actros L: Established flagship for traditional long-distance haulage with even higher fuel efficiency and more dynamics thanks its improved drivetrain

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has once again set new standards in the traditional diesel trucks premium segment with the Actros L presented at this year’s IAA Transportation trade fair in Hanover. The top-of-the-range model of the successful Actros series produced since November 2021 once again underlines the claim of Mercedes-Benz Trucks to always focus on the needs of its customers and their drivers. The fact that the Actros L caters for a high level of driver comfort is also emphasized by the driver’s cab with its width of 2.50 meters, available as StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace variants. The even floor in the cab creates a cozy ambience. The improved noise and heat insulation reduces the noise level and makes the time spent in the cab even more pleasant – both when driving and during rest stops.

The third-generation 12.8-liter OM 471 engine for heavy-duty commercial vehicles is an example of further optimized fuel efficiency. The “new” engine available in the Mercedes-Benz Actros L from October 2022 features a vast range of technical innovations that are consistently aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) with regard to fuel-saving driving, reduced CO2 emissions, lower operating costs, and higher margins, without affecting performance, vehicle dynamics or driving comfort. On the contrary:

As one example of many, the third generation of the OM 471 engine introduces a consumption optimized turbocharger, which, together with the revised exhaust gas aftertreatment system, enables maximum fuel savings of up to four percent compared with the previous generation. Another highlight of the third-generation

OM 471 engine is the extended Top Torque program, providing more performance exactly when it’s really needed – for example when driving onto a highway or when overtaking. For even more vehicle dynamics, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has also focused on the whole drivetrain: For example, the new PowerShift Advanced automated transmission control enables faster and smoother moving off and acceleration in many scenarios thanks to its precision gear selection.

The new drivetrain is available for all heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz truck series: from the Actros, Actros F to the Actros L and the Arocs.

Supporting driver assistance systems and a second generation MirrorCam[1]

In addition, safety assistance systems such as the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist with pedestrian detection (ABA 5), Lane Keeping Assist and the second generation MirrorCam, or the equipment options of the second generation Active Drive Assist (ADA 2) for partially automated driving to Level 2 or Active Sideguard Assist (ASGA), also make important contributions for boosting safety.

Under certain circumstances, ADA 2 can actively support the driver with longitudinal and lateral guidance of the vehicle, and automatically maintain a distance, accelerate, and steer if the necessary system conditions, such as an adequate curve radius or clearly visible roadway markings, are in place. In addition, the Emergency Stop Assist sub-function included in ADA 2 is capable of initiating an emergency stop (within system limits) if, despite visual and audible warnings, the steering wheel is no longer being held by the driver.

The ASGA is not only able to warn the driver of moving cyclists or pedestrians on the front passenger side, but it can also initiate automated braking up to its own turning speed of 20 km/h until the vehicle comes to a standstill if the driver fails to react in time.

Active Sideguard Assist uses the MirrorCam display on the front passenger side to provide visual warnings. The second generation of the mirror camera system has been in use since April 2022, and it can now provide the driver with even better support in many situations in road traffic thanks to camera arms that are ten centimeters shorter and new imaging parameters. One of the benefits of shortening the camera arms is that the drivers can now reverse in a straight line more easily than with the first generation. This is mainly due to the fact that the perspective of the MirrorCam is now even more similar to that of the usual glass mirror.

The evolution in the color and brightness coordination of the camera system, which was originally designed to be very bright, means that the displays, for example when reversing into a dark or poorly lit hall, depict the area relevant to the driving situation even more precisely. Thanks to its supportive effect, the enhanced MirrorCam system can now assist in managing situations such as overtaking, maneuvering, driving in poor visibility and darkness, cornering, and passing narrow spaces even more safely and without stress.

The optional available LED headlights offer additional safety – especially in darkness or poor visibility: Thanks to their higher light intensity compared with xenon headlights and very good illumination of the roadway.

Actros Edition 3: Unique design and superior comfort

As a limited special model of the Actros L with a “wow!” effect, Edition 3 is also being showcased at the IAA Transportation 2022 trade fair in Hanover. Up to 30 additional interior and exterior features as well as design elements stemming from Edition 1 and Edition 2 give the 400 production run truck an unmistakable character. The luxury of the Edition 3 is marked by a whole range of equipment features. In its stylish interior, these include the instrument panel and door handles in nappa leather, various interior parts with a carbon fiber look, the roof hatch with its ambient lighting, and the SoloStar seat corner with its almond beige leather upholstery. The Edition 3 badge on the front passenger side and the illuminated “Edition 3” entry badge on the driver and front passenger sides are also eye-catching. The top bunk comes with bedding and is 900 millimeters wide. An all-round curtain – almond beige on the inside, black on the outside – ensures stylish privacy. The same applies to the curtain with the Mercedes-Benz star in front of the bunk.

Highlights on the exterior include the exclusive decals on the side wall, the “Edition 3” lettering in the white aluminum sun visor with two additional LED headlights, the Actros emblem at the front in dark chrome, and the Actros lettering on the upper rear cab wall. The stainless steel entry steps are striking features on the side of the vehicle. The front and rear axle caps are also made of stainless steel. The scope of delivery also includes the illuminated Mercedes-Benz star in dark chrome, several painted decorative grille applications made of stainless steel, and the aluminum steps in the side trim.

Edition 3 is available for all 2 and 3-axle models of the latest Actros L generation with GigaSpace and BigSpace cabs in left and right-hand drive versions. The cab paint finish is freely selectable and can be adapted to company liveries of customers, while the front of the vehicle is always painted in white aluminum metallic to guarantee a high recognition value. Whether it’s high-end power with the 15.6 liter OM 473 engine or further reduced consumption with the new OM 471 engine in its 3rd generation: Thanks to improved gearshift performance by PowerShift Advanced for all available drivetrains, the Actros L Edition 3 offers all drivers impressive performance and a high level of driving pleasure.

Actros F plus: Convenient entry into the world of Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Launched by Mercedes-Benz Trucks in January 2021, the Actros F is predestined for transport companies looking for a functional truck for their fleet. A truck that is suitable for use in traditional and regional long-distance haulage, but above all as a fully-enclosed swap body vehicle, roll-off skip loader, or silo transporter. With the Actros F plus, the manufacturer is now providing the vehicle with an update, which is combined with a high added value in terms of efficiency, convenience, and safety for fleet operators as well as drivers thanks to its numerous other functions.

For example, the Actros F plus has an improved seating position (low seat base and comfort steering column of the Actros L), as well as the second generation of the MirrorCam with its shortened camera arms and further optimized imaging parameters, the intelligent cruise control and Predictive Powertrain Control as well as the Multimedia Cockpit, interactive with all the necessary information for the driver as standard. The new main headlights with LED daytime driving lights and LED turn indicators in light signature contribute to the attractive visual appearance of the truck exterior. Another new feature for the Actros F plus is the optionally available LED main headlight, which impresses with its outstanding light output. Numerous special fittings are also available, such as StyleLine, TrendLine, xtraLine Basic or LED ambient lighting for a comfortable interior and relaxed driving at night. For an even more restful night’s sleep, mattress toppers are available for the comfort bunk on request. With a width of 2.5 meters and an engine tunnel height of 120 millimeters, the StreamSpace or BigSpace versions of the driver’s cab offer excellent space for this class and enable low entry and exit with just three steps.

In terms of engine power, the Actros F plus also features the third generation of the OM 471 engine for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Safety-related features such as the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist (ABA 5) and Lane Keeping Assist are also included. Upon request, the Actros F plus can also be equipped with Sideguard Assist.

Smart digital solutions for even more efficient use

In order to maximize the use of all Actros models and save time and administrative effort, Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides its customers with a whole range of digital solutions on the Fleetboard portal. Another digital solution is provided by the mapping tool, which enables back office employees in transportation companies to react quickly to the current vehicle status wherever necessary. This is because the tool shows where a vehicle is currently located and whether it is moving or stationary in real time. Another tool is a logbook with detailed information on driving times and non-operational times, total weight, mileage covered, route progress and topography. This allows fleet managers to subsequently track each individual Actros in the company so that use can be optimized when parlaying with the driver or dispatcher.

The HABBL logistics application stands out among the applications because it steers drivers step-by-step through their work orders. The app can be used in parallel on the Actros Multimedia Cockpit and any Android mobile device for tasks outside the vehicle. All those involved in a transport process – drivers, dispatchers and end customers – can always obtain the available information they need. This increases process quality and at the same time creates a high degree of transparency.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Improved vehicle availability for the Actros

Mercedes-Benz Uptime combines intelligent vehicle networking with intensive customer support and thus offers Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers an innovative service product. The aim is to support customers in reliably fulfilling their transport orders by making sure the truck spends as much time as possible on the road. Workshop visits must be minimized and planned more efficiently. In order to reduce breakdowns, repair requirements can be identified as early as possible and customers can be supported in organizing the necessary work at short notice – always taking into account their deployment planning. The results: Improved planning of workshop visits, increased vehicle availability, and a higher level of road safety.

Truck Data Center is at the heart of Mercedes-Benz Uptime and also the basis for other vehicle connectivity solutions. The networking module receives data from the sensors, cameras, and control units in the truck and evaluates it for different applications. The Truck Data Center not only forms the basis for the numerous services of Mercedes-Benz Uptime, but also for Fleetboard, the service for sustainably increasing vehicle availability.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks also offers its customers various repair and maintenance contracts at monthly predictable costs to ensure the highest possible vehicle availability and the lowest possible number of breakdowns. In this process, Mercedes-Benz Complete is itself an all-round carefree package: The comprehensive service package covers all workshop work, including wear parts. Mercedes-Benz Select addresses particularly price-sensitive customers and supplements the repair contract for the drivetrain (Mercedes-Benz Extend) with the maintenance service.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime is available as standard in the Mercedes-Benz Complete and Mercedes-Benz CompleteMile (available in selected EU markets) service contracts. The comprehensive service package covers all workshop work, including maintenance and wear parts. It starts with the coordination of appointments and extends to invoice verification. This means that you can rely on the comprehensive additional protection for your vehicle – for maximum value retention and mobility.


TruckLive gives Actros L users a free introduction to the digital service solutions of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Various connectivity services simplify all the work processes. They can be used on existing platforms, such as MyTruckPoint. Maintenance Management ensures improved vehicle availability, while Live Traffic supports route planning using navigation with real-time traffic data. Further components are already in the pipeline.

[1] With all these assistance systems, Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims to provide drivers with the best possible support when driving the vehicle within the system limits. However, the driver remains fully responsible for driving the vehicle safely at all times, as is also required to do so by law.

SOURCE: Daimler Truck

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