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Faurecia to supply high-capacity hydrogen storage systems for Zero Emission Valley project

“Zero Emission Valley” is the leading renewable hydrogen mobility project in France for professional fleets

Faurecia, company of the Group FORVIA, in collaboration with the company Air Flow has been awarded a contract to supply high-capacity hydrogen storage containers for refilling stations in the Zero Emission Valley (ZEV), a project involving HYmpulsion.

The ZEV project aims to deploy, before the end of 2024, 1,200 fuel cell vehicles and 20 hydrogen stations, including several equipped with electrolyzers to produce hydrogen from renewable electricity without emitting CO2. HYmpulsion is a joint venture between the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and private sector actors Engie, Michelin, Credit Agricole, and Banque des Territoires, supported by ADEME and CINEA, which aims to make the region a pioneer in hydrogen mobility in France, and one of the first carbon-neutral territories at the European level, while helping create profitable models that can be replicated on a European scale. Air Flow, as global rental logistics company, will own the high-capacity hydrogen storage containers and rent them to HYmpulsion.

Air Flow’s investments amounting to 9 million euros will relate to hydrogen transport and storage equipment necessary for the proper deployment of the ZEV project. This project is a major act in the context of the decarbonization of economic activities in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and also represents a great success for the French hydrogen sector, of which Faurecia and Air Flow are key players.

Faurecia will leverage its advanced gas storage system competencies and its industrialization know-how to provide tailor-made large, lightweight tanks with increased storage capacity. The lightweight storage systems require less fuel for transportation, thus lowering their CO2 footprint.

Faurecia’s high-capacity hydrogen storage systems will be key for the project. These hydrogen storage containers will enable storage & transportation between refilling stations, mother stations and daughter stations to fuel hydrogen vehicle fleets.

These high-capacity hydrogen storage systems are developed jointly at Faurecia’s R&D Centers in Augsburg (Germany) and in Bavans (France). The first containers will be delivered by mid-2023. With this award, Faurecia confirms its ambition to be a key stakeholder in the hydrogen value chain, through distribution & storage solutions.

Faurecia is proud to participate in the Zero Emission Valley, France’s first renewable hydrogen-driven mobility project for professional fleets. This project is fully aligned with our objective to decarbonize both mobility and industry.

In the past 4 years, Faurecia has invested over 273 million euros in hydrogen and developed a recognized expertise among our customers and the hydrogen ecosystem. Today, with this new award, which reflects Air Flow’s confidence, Faurecia confirms its leadership as a hydrogen storage solutions provider.

Olivier Lefebvre
Clean Mobility Executive Vice-President

HYmpulsion’s purpose is to finance, design and operate the production and distribution network of 20 green hydrogen refilling stations in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This network supplies both light and heavy mobility. As an essential logistic link between its 3 hydrogen production centers and its 20 refilling stations, HYmpulsion selected Faurecia for its technical expertise in mobile gas storage systems.

This choice demonstrates the excellence of the French hydrogen industry throughout its value chain. Very strongly established in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the hydrogen industry allows the decarbonization of our territories, the improvement of air quality in our valleys and cities, job creation that cannot be relocated and reinforces France’s energy sovereignty.

Thierry Raevel
HYmpulsion President

Air Flow’s teams are particularly happy to collaborate with Faurecia and HYmpulsion. Air Flow has been investing in hydrogen for nearly 20 years. It has acquired solid experience in the rental, maintenance and digitization of equipment for storage and transport of hydrogen. We are very proud to have been selected by HYmpulsion and Faurecia to support them in their growth strategy.

Pierre Fiat
Air Flow CEO

SOURCE: Faurecia

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