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DS 4: Refinement engineered

DS Automobiles is continuing to grow. DS 4 represents the fourth model in the range and introduces a new generation of avant-garde design

A profitable brand from launch, DS Automobiles is accelerating its development with DS 4. Built on a reliable base with unique and world-renowned expertise in the field of electrification, the new Premium C offering is using refinement and the latest in engineering to win new fans.

DS 4 was conceived to redefine the outline of the Premium C segment. It’s aimed at customers attracted by two body shapes: the new aspirational Coupé-SUV and the traditional compact hatchback. At every stage of its design, the idea of appealing to these two segments drove our decisions.”
Marion David – Product Director, DS Automobiles

Charismatic design paves the way for AERO SPORT LOUNGE

DS 4 has remarkable proportions. With a benchmark width of 1.83 metres and large 720-millimetre wheels (alloys up to 20 inches, 19 inches as standard from TROCADERO and PERFORMANCE LINE levels in the range), for a compact length of 4.40 metres and a roof height of 1.47 metres, the dimensions appear impressive with a memorably imposing presence.

Even before drawing the first pencil line, we worked for two years with our engineers shaping the technical platform. When we began the creative process, the room for manoeuvre we had in devising a new concept was incredible. Inspired by the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept, the silhouette is unique in the segment with proportions that have never been seen before. The outline is athletic, very muscular, compact and sits on very large wheels. It’s turned out to be aerodynamic, efficient and charismatic all at once.”
Thierry Metroz – Design Director, DS Automobile

The front is characterised by a new light signature. The very slim projector headlamps feature the DS MATRIX LED VISION system that combines matrix and directional lighting. They are complemented by daytime running lights made up of two lines of LEDs on either side (the whole system comprises 150 LEDs). The DS WINGS link the headlamps to the grille. Depending on the version, this is made up of two parts with diamond tip motifs, in graduated sizes, that stand out in a three-dimensional grille. Above it, the long bonnet gives movement to make the silhouette appear dynamic.

The profile combines fluidity and sharp lines. The flush fitting door handles go with sculpted surfaces on the sides. The ratio of the bodywork to the large diameter wheels (including a 20-inch offering with aero inserts) comes from the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept, displaying an imposing and unique presence.

At the rear, the roof stretches down very low on a steeply sloping rear window with a “Reflective Design” screen print, an exterior demonstration of a recognised expertise. The silhouette is as stylish as it is aerodynamically efficient. The rear wings reveal a healthy muscular appearance with curves and sharp edges on the bodywork emphasising the C pillar, which has a gloss black finish branded with an inset DS Automobiles badge. A new generation light signature features at the back with the advanced laser embossed scale effect.

DS 4 can be transformed within the same silhouette. With DS 4 the core of the range, elegance is the dominating factor thanks to a design with special bumpers, subtle chrome touches and a roof also available in black to give an imposing, athletic stance.

DS 4 CROSS plays on the visual perception of an SUV with a treatment to the lower part of the bumper emphasised by special protection and matt black paint. The gloss black upper parts to the side window frames, gloss black grille, distinctive 19” alloy wheels, roof bars and a roof the same colour as the bodywork finishes it off. As an exclusive option, DS 4 CROSS can be fitted with Advanced Traction Control for improved grip with sand, snow and mud modes and Hill Assist Descent Control.

More dynamic, DS 4 PERFORMANCE LINE has an exterior trimmed in black with a Black Pack (DS WINGS, strip between the rear lights, grille and side window frames) and distinctive black alloy wheels as well as an exclusive interior.

Purity and the interior design, “hand-made” upholstery

DS 4 has a digital interior, seamless and ergonomic with each part integrated intuitively as much for function as form. This fluidity is driven by innovations that aim to create complete calm within DS 4.

The art of travel is demonstrated with a new control lay out, grouped in three zones of interface to simplify the experience. Clous de Paris embossed inserts, inspired by fine watchmaking, pick out and emphasise the following features:

  • The strip on the dashboard groups together the controls for the air conditioning and DS AIR, the invisible air vent.
  • The electric window switches line up with the side vents built into the doors.
  • The combination of DS SMART TOUCH, a 5-inch touchscreen linked to the DS IRIS SYSTEM, and DS E-TOGGLE, a compact controller for the automatic gearbox, positioned on the centre console.

DS AIR, invisible air vent, is an innovative ventilation system with very compact central vents high up and fitted with blades that can’t be seen. Air flow separated by a cone ensures it can be directed perfectly both high and low. The whole system works like classic ventilation with optimum efficiency. With its vertical compactness, it has an understated and integrated appearance which has enabled the design of the dashboard to be structured in a way that’s free flowing and uncluttered. The Quick Launch function enables the cockpit to be air conditioned (hot or cold): the air vents, the heated or cooled seats and, as an option, the heated steering wheel can be controlled with a single movement.

A new trim gives an innovative meaning to well-being. Particular attention has been paid to the shape of the seats that can be cooled and massaging when they’re specified in leather. The concept is inspired by a shell, creating a new comfort zone made up of a single part, curved and without a break. New upholstery covers this with high density foam to achieve an exceptional level of comfort. The stretched seat and the shell shape give unprecedented depth for an innovative design.

Symbolic of DS Automobiles, the Criollo Brown OPERA interior represents the best of the Brand’s expertise with high density foam seats in Criollo Brown Nappa leather that stand out with watchstrap upholstery. The dashboard is also clad with Criollo Brown Nappa leather. Brown Ash wood trim adds an extra touch of sophistication. The electric front seats feature pneumatically adjustable lumbar support. They are cooled, heated and massaging.

In this interior, the master upholsterers went even further to incorporate French expertise: hidden seams, where each stitch stops on a full hide, highlight the quality of the leather on the door panels. It is one of numerous “hand-made” procedures on the interiors, such as the choice of Brown Ash wood for the trim, or the upholstery of the fully leather covered steering wheels.

The Pebble Grey and Criollo Brown Leather interior give an impression of space and light. The seats, centre console, central arm rest and door arm rests in Pebble Grey grain Leather contrast with the dashboard in Nappa leather, the steering wheel covered in Criollo Brown leather and the Brown Ash wood trim. At the centre of this two-tone environment, seats in Pebble Grey grain Leather are combined with light features, smooth to the touch for comfort zones, supported by grain leather and Clous de Paris embossed inserts. On the top section, defining the interactive area, the trim is clad in very high-quality Brown Ash wood and Criollo Brown Nappa leather.

These two interiors, Criollo Brown OPERA with Pebble Grey plus Criollo Brown, are offered as an option on the RIVOLI and TROCADERO trim for DS 4 and DS 4 CROSS. On RIVOLI, as standard there’s a Basalt Black Leather interior that’s premium and elegant while on TROCADERO there’s an interior with enriching High Density Tungsten Diamond Cloth seats with Black DS canvas.

Exclusive to the PERFORMANCE LINE and PERFORMANCE LINE + trims, Black Alcantara® interiors are offered with Basalt Woven cloth and PERFORMANCE LINE Alcantara® seats or with Basalt Black grain Leather seats. The centre console and dashboard are also in Alcantara® and a forged carbon insert adorns the leather covered steering wheel with its PERFORMANCE LINE stitching.

DS 4 BASTILLE and DS 4 BASTILLE + feature a Tungsten Cloth interior or a Tungsten Diamond cloth with DS Black canvas interior and High Density seats, as simple as they are elegant.

The feeling of harmony inside is emphasised by ambient lighting that can be personalised, indirectly intended to accentuate the side features and contribute to the overall sense of calm. Acoustic ambience is provided by a combination of the 690-Watt FOCAL ELECTRA sound system with 14 speakers plus acoustic side glass front and rear, another first in the segment.

An air purification system actively protects the cockpit with sensors for PM2.5 particles inside and exterior pollution detection. The management of air coming into the car is optimised by the addition of a filtration system that can purify the air inside in just a few minutes. The quality of the air is recorded and displayed on the central screen.

Augmented technology

Based on a significant evolution of the EMP2 platform with 70% new or exclusive parts, DS 4 is offering plug-in hybrid technology from its launch (225 horsepower and up to 55 kilometres of range in zero emissions mode on the combined WLTP cycle). A new-generation infotainment system, driver assistance systems yet to be seen in the Premium C segment and an innovative information projection system make DS 4 stand out.

E-TENSE electrification

Always modular enabling it to accommodate different kinds of powertrain, also as dynamic as it is safe, a new version of the EMP2 platform was developed for DS 4.

It has enabled many useful features to be improved, while lending the design a new freedom of expression that gives a shape with unprecedented proportions.


The architecture has been developed to achieve the desired proportions and aerodynamic performance. The body/wheel ratio that’s unique to the segment and the world of premium cars creates a silhouette that’s at once athletic and efficient with, notably, a new bonnet, lowering of the bonnet-wing combination and the floor in row 2.

Weight reduction

The new evolution of the EMP2 platform introduces new parts made from composite materials, hot-pressed structural parts and more compact elements such as the air conditioning unit, freeing up more storage space elsewhere. There is 430 litres of boot space with hands-free opening and a powered tailgate.


The new version of the EMP2 platform was designed to comply with the latest and strictest regulatory and consumer impact standards, without compromising the overall weight of the structure.

Dynamic and acoustic qualities

The idea of dynamic serenity that’s so dear to DS Automobiles is taken even further. The use of technical solutions such as bond-welding (almost 34 metres of adhesive bead and welding points used on the car’s body) as well as completely redesigned suspension and steering components, guaranteeing benchmark driving comfort through optimal body rigidity with exceptional road holding for driving enjoyment.

Formula E title winning E-TENSE power unit

In its plug-in hybrid version, DS 4 E-TENSE 225 inherits expertise from DS Performance with its four Formula E championship titles (Drivers and Teams) won in 2019 and 2020. As high performance as it is efficient, this power unit relies on a 4-cylinder 180 horsepower PureTech engine and a 110-horsepower electric motor with a 12.4kWh battery which has a zero emissions range of up to 55km (on the WLTP combined cycle). The 360Nm of torque enables 100km/h to be reached in 7.7 seconds and the 1000 metres Start-Stop to be covered in 27.3 seconds with fuel consumption of just 1.3 litre/100km and emissions from 29g/km of CO2 on the WLTP combined cycle.

Available with petrol and Diesel engines from 130 to 225 horsepower

Three petrol engine models, PureTech 130 Automatic, PureTech 180 Automatic and PureTech 225 Automatic plus a BlueHDi 130 Automatic Diesel will be offered with consumption (from 4.8 litres/100km for Diesel and 5.9 litres/100km for petrol on the WLTP combined cycle) and CO2 emissions (125g/km for diesel and 135g/km for petrol) that are very competitive compared with rivals.

100% electric version being developed

In 2024, DS 4 will have a 100% electric power unit with the arrival of new technology (power unit and battery).

Efficiency down to the wheels

With a wheel size of 720mm, DS 4 is available with up-to 20-inch alloy wheels. The bulk of the range sits on 19-inch wheels. A “Tall & Narrow” offering was designed to limit aerodynamic disturbance and lower CO2 emissions while maintaining an attractive design and exceptional comfort. Still in 19-inch, DS 4 will be available with All Season 3PMSF A-rated tyres. The 20-inch alloy wheels, also introduced on E-TENSE versions, feature A-rated tyres. The high level of dynamism is reinforced by a 10% weight reduction from the alloy wheels (that’s 1.5kg per wheel) with aerodynamic inserts to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Technology that’s unique to the segment

For connectivity, the priority was to offer a solution as standard from the middle of the range TROCADERO model so that the driver no longer had to take their eyes off the road. Called DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY, this avant-garde visual experience is a first step towards augmented reality. With a new immersive technology, vital driving information is projected directly onto the road. Using an optical illusion, data is displayed four metres ahead of the windscreen diagonally following the driver’s gaze at 21-inches, never seen before in the segment. Essential information such as speed, driver aids, navigation, warning messages or even the track they’re listening to or the call they’re taking will be projected onto the road.

This sensory and experiential technology is part of a wider offering, at the heart of a completely re-imagined 10-inch infotainment system, DS IRIS SYSTEM. The new interface takes the usability of a smartphone with a tactile, seamless and responsive interface based around the idea of profiles that can be completely personalised with icons. The settings and display load automatically on start-up. The idea behind personalisation is to enable everyone to adjust the content to their requirements.

Controlled by voice and gesture, DS IRIS SYSTEM incorporates a personal assistant capable of recognising what’s said to it so that the system can carry out requests.

This is supported by a unique gesture control system, DS SMART TOUCH, located on the centre console. This is a screen you can use with your fingertips. The user making a gesture towards one of the pre-entered favourite functions is enough. The screen also identifies normal movements such as zooming in, zooming out and has handwriting recognition.

So that the system and its mapping are always operating at the highest level, updates will be done instantly via the cloud.

Comfort and dynamic serenity

DS DRIVE ASSIST, launched on the latest DS models and which enables level 2 semi-autonomous driving (the highest level that’s allowed on the road at the moment) features on DS 4: the cruise control adapts speed depending on the traffic flow with the ability to stop and restart in traffic jams. The system also ensures precise car positioning in the lane of the driver’s choice.

From 2022, DS 4 will also get a major evolution of this system with DS DRIVE ASSIST 2.0 which is improved with three new features: semi-automatic overtaking, speed adjustment for corners and recommended speed adjustment from signposts. The steering wheel will also feature a grip sensor that continually checks if the driver is paying attention because they should always be in control.

The new “Radar Corners” enables other functions such as long-distance blind spot monitoring (with a range of 75m), and rear cross traffic alert to avoid a collision with a hazard in the blind spot.

DS Automobiles is also about the concept of dynamic serenity. With DS 4, it translates into class-leading ride. One of the strong points is the DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION controlled damping, exclusive to the segment with its use of a camera. This is positioned at the top of the windscreen, views and anticipates irregularities in the road surface and transmits the data to a computer. With the four attitude sensors and three accelerometers, the system controls each of the wheels independently. Using the information it receives, it makes the suspension harder or softer depending on what’s required. The result is heightened comfort whatever the state of the road.

DS NIGHT VISION: another technology that enables DS Automobiles to stand out from the competition. The system makes the road and its hazards more visible. An infrared camera, located in the grille, spots pedestrians and animals up to 150 metres away at night and in poor light. The driver sees the road’s hazards in their digital instrument display (and as warnings in the DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY) enabling them to react.

A 360° bird’s eye view system with four cameras including two in the door mirrors also help the driver with manoeuvring.

DS light signature

With a new generation of DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps that are slimmer and more modern, the Matrix Beam and Dynamic Bending Light technology has been combined in the same system to give a distinctive and unique identity.

The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps are still made up of three LED modules which are the DS Automobiles signature:

  • The inner module of the headlight is used for the dipped function.
  • The moving central module can turn to an angle of 33.5°. It illuminates the sides of the carriageway and follows where you’re looking in corners. It is also a nod to the directional headlamps of the 1967 DS.
  • The outside Matrix Beam module illuminates for driving, split into fifteen segments which turn on and off independently, depending on the driving conditions it senses.

These projector headlamps adapt to traffic conditions, steering wheel angle, speed and weather conditions with five pre-set modes: city, country, motorway, bad weather and fog. They enable you to drive constantly on main beam without ever dazzling other road users. Using the camera located in the top part of the windscreen, these intelligent headlamps adapt their light beam automatically with a range of 300 metres, depending on traffic conditions, without ever dazzling others.

The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps are complemented by new extended daytime running lights for a total 150 LEDs (98 for the daytime running lights). As well as the recognisable vertical light signature, these daytime running lights perform a new high-technology welcome routine.


DS 4 is made of 95% reusable materials and 85% recyclable parts. 30% of its weight is from renewable or recycled materials, divided between metals and polymers. The dashboard in particular is made of 20% hemp for parts that can’t be seen. Among the recycled materials, polypropylene, polyester and elastomer fibres are used under the chassis as baffles, for noise reduction or as mounting points.

Range composition

The range is made up of three versions: DS 4, DS 4 CROSS and DS 4 PERFORMANCE LINE, with each version enjoying multiple trim levels:

  • Four levels for DS4: BASTILLE, BASTILLE +, TROCADERO and RIVOLI, as well as a Limited Edition LA PREMIÈRE at launch,

Seven colours

Seven colours are available, two of them new: COPPER GOLD and LACQUERED GREY, which complement the other colours: CRISTAL PEARL, PLATINUM GREY, RED VELVET, PEARL WHITE and PERLA NERA BLACK.


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