Chery engine Is awarded as 2019 China’s Top 10 Engines

On November 4, 2019 China’s top 10 Engines were revealed. Chery’s third generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine won the title of China’s top 10 Engines for 2019 after passing a number of professional tests

On November 4, 2019 China’s top 10 Engines were revealed. Chery’s third generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine won the title of China’s top 10 Engines for 2019 after passing a number of professional tests. It is the sixth engine of Chery that has received this honor.

First held in 2006, China’s Top 10 Engines of the Year is the most influential auto selection activity. The judges are the experts in engine and related fields. Ward’s top 10 Engines, International Engine of the Year and China’s top 10 Engines are known as the most important 3 engine awarding activities in the world.

China put into effect the China Emission Standard VI in 2019, raising higher requirements for engines. To select China’s Top 10 Engines for 2019, the committee made critical evaluations for the candidates in 20 items such as the vehicle’s sharp acceleration, braking, engine noise suppression and vehicle NVH performance, etc. By winning the title, Chery’s third generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine stands out from many JV brands and other Chinese brands.

As the “heart” of the car, an engine directly determines the vehicle performance. Chery’s third generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine can not only generate 145kW maximum power and 290N•m peak torque, but also leads the Chinese engines’ fuel economy with more than 37.1% thermal efficiency. It is the only engine among Chinese automakers that provides 10-year/one million km engine extended warranty service, thus securing the best reliability.

In addition, Chery ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine is the first engine model that uses the five core technologies of Chery, namely, iHEC combustion system, rapid heating thermal management system, fast-responding supercharging technology, friction reducing technology and lightweight technology, so as to avoid the “engine oil” problem. At the same time, with structural optimization and new material applications, the weight of Chery’s third generation engine is reduced by 21KG from the previous generation, thus upgrading the fuel economy.

If engine is believed as the source of power for vehicles, expertise in core technology of engines is the most representative indicator to measure the automakers’ competitiveness. As a “technical enterprise” Chinese auto brand, Chery is the first to master technologies in engine, AT, chassis, engine management system (EMS) and platform technologies via independent innovations. After working hard for over 20 years, Chery has made a number of breakthroughs in many core technologies. For example, power technology, platform technology, new energy, ICV and autopilot technology. Up to now, Chery has applied for 17,889 patents, awarded with 11,513 of them. In terms of power technologies, Chery has applied for 1,843 patents (including 883 invention patents), ranking No.1 in the Chinese automotive industry.

The abundant technical reserves have laid a solid foundation for Chery to upgrade its automotive product power while promoting Chery brand and its competitiveness. From January to October this year when the auto market is shrinking as a whole, Chery sales continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum. In this period, Chery sold 577,000 vehicles in total, rising in the adverse environment. It is worth mentioning that the new generation of Tiggo8 equipped with the third-generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine has sold 10,000 vehicles for three consecutive months.

In the wave of global technological revolution, Chinese automakers are confronted with competition against powerful multinational companies. Under this background, Chery has once again won the title of China’s Top 10 Engines for 2019. This title carries very important iconic significance, indicating that Chery has grasped the core technologies in key areas of auto R&D. Chery is continuing to lead Chinese auto industry with its cutting-edge technology and help China’s auto industry take a new step.