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Bosch Car Service network turns its focus to electromobility

Bosch Car Services to extend their servicing and repair portfolio to include electric and hybrid vehicles

In light of the growing significance of electromobility, Bosch has launched an electric and hybrid vehicle campaign in its Bosch Car Service network. The initiative is already well underway in Europe. Its concept for electric and hybrid vehicles includes technical training courses in the Bosch Service training centers, hotline support, and special workshop equipment. In addition, an extensive communications package will inform consumers and fleet operators about the Bosch Car Service workshops’ outstanding electromobility competence. Customers who have so far visited their workshops with their combustion-engine vehicles and have now switched to an electric or hybrid vehicle will therefore be able to rely on the same quality they have come to expect from the Bosch Car Service.

“Thanks to new outdoor signage, customers will be able to see which Bosch Car Services offer repairs and services for electric and hybrid vehicles. Many vehicle owners still have no idea which independent workshops they can visit to have their electric and hybrid cars repaired and serviced,” says Thomas Winter, Global Vice President Workshop Concepts. Bosch will also provide the workshops with a wide-ranging communications package, including print materials and a comprehensive range of online and social media content.

With this extended service offer, the Bosch Car Services are paving the way for a successful future with electric and hybrid vehicles. Customers who have switched from a combustion engine to an electrical powertrain will therefore have a reliable partner to turn to in the future as well.

High-voltage workplace with extensive equipment

In addition to the regular training courses available on high voltage systems. the Bosch Car Service workshops fulfill the requirements for the new electric and hybrid vehicle service standard, such as the provision of a high-voltage workplace to predefined standards and the availability of special workshop equipment. Moreover, the standard diagnostic scope of the Bosch Esitronic 2.0 Online workshop software already includes far more than 200 electric and hybrid model series – with diagnostic and servicing data as well as vehicle-specific instructions for disconnecting the high-voltage system. For additional technical support, the technical hotline provides access to knowledgeable Bosch experts. And as a leading supplier of original electric-vehicle equipment, Bosch can support workshops with state-of-the-art know-how. In this way, the service offer for electric and hybrid vehicles will be continuously improved, both with the latest technical knowledge about new makes and models, and with additions to the communications packages.

In regular workshop inspections and audits by Bosch Car Service headquarters, the new service standards for electric and hybrid vehicles will continue to be checked in the future, thereby ensuring the high standard of work done by the Bosch Car Service workshops. Special outdoor signage will show that the workshop fulfills all these standards and is a competent electromobility partner.


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