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All new Jeep® Avenger unveiled in Paris, the first-ever fully electric Jeep brand SUV

New Jeep® Avenger, the brand’s first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV), is unveiled to press and public at the Paris Motor Show

All new Jeep® Avenger unveiled in Paris, the first-ever fully electric Jeep brand SUV

Today at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, the Jeep® Brand revealed the all-new Jeep Avenger, the brand’s first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV).

The compact Jeep Avenger spearheads the introduction of a portfolio of capable, fully electric vehicles right sized for Europe, and is a key component in a global electrification strategy as the brand moves towards becoming the world leader in zero-emission SUVs.

Designed and built as a Jeep vehicle from day one, the Avenger packs the Jeep DNA into a compact SUV with a unique combination of capability, style, functionality, and technology to satisfy the needs of ever-connected customers.

“The new Jeep Avenger represents a key milestone for the brand as it is the first of a portfolio of all-new Jeep BEVs to be introduced in Europe.” said Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO. “It offers Jeep brand capability that is rightsized for the European market and at the Paris Motor Show, we are showcasing why it is a great all-electric Jeep brand alternative to current players in the B-SUV segment.”

Produced in the highly efficient Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland, the new Avenger is equipped with standard Selec-Terrain® and Hill Descent Control which, together with its outstanding approach and departure angles and the vehicle’s ground clearance, bring impressive levels of capability into the segment.

In terms of electrification, the Jeep Avenger is equipped with a new generation 400 Volt electric propulsion system which combines a new electric motor and a new battery.

Using a 100 kW Mode 4 cable in direct current connected to fast public charge, three minutes of charge is enough to provide travel distance of 30 km. Also, 24 minutes are sufficient to charge the batteries from 20 to 80% charge.

The new Avenger’s Mission in Europe

Developed with the specific needs of European customers in mind, the new Avenger is a compact SUV which, at just four meters in length, is positioned in the rapidly growing B-SUV the second biggest European segment in terms of volume.

In 2023, the B- SUV segment is expected to reach an annual total of 2.2 million sales, which accounts for one in five vehicles sold in Europe. The new Avenger is positioned under Renegade complementing the Jeep brand offering, in the B-SUV segment.

“The Jeep Avenger is the first zero emission SUV for the Jeep brand” said Antonella Bruno, Head of Jeep Europe in Stellantis, “It will be the new entry point to the Jeep range and will allow us to complete our SUV coverage and we expect it to become the bestselling model in our portfolio by 2024. Avenger adds another level of electrification to our offering and represents a further step in the Jeep brand’s evolution”.

“Jeep Avenger is emotional, fun, cool and it stands out from the crowd” she added.

The Jeep Avenger arrives in showrooms early next year, but customers can already pre-book the exclusive 1st Edition, an eye-catching, fully equipped version, in most of the European markets.

This makes it a valuable and appealing choice for those who are looking for a zero-emission alternative from the Jeep brand away from the more traditional players in the segment. The new Jeep Avenger aims to expand the customer base targeting active lifestyle people looking for a capable and modern design with compact dimensions and spacious interiors.

All-new electric powertrain

The Jeep Avenger has a new generation electric propulsion system which combines a new electric motor and a new battery.

Thanks to the high power and torque, in addition to a specific e-powertrain calibration, the new Avenger offers uncompromised driving enjoyment on- and off-road capability.

The second-generation 400 Volt electric powertrain is the first one to be launched by Emotors, a joint venture between Stellantis and Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding. It supplies 115 kW, corresponding to 156 horsepower, and 260 Nm of maximum torque.

The new 54 kWh battery, which is also produced by Stellantis, offers a high energy density and an excellent ratio between nominal and usable energy. Specifically, the battery pack is made up of 17 modules and 102 cells utilizing NMC 811 Lithium-Ion chemistry and delivers 400 km of range in the WLTP cycle, which becomes 550 km in the urban cycle*.

The battery, which was tested for over 2 million kilometres, is extremely compact, non-intrusive and is found under the front and rear seats and the central tunnel. Furthermore, it is protected by a high ground clearance and underbody skid plates during off-road driving.

Recharging the new Avenger is extremely simple. Via a 100 kW Mode 4 cable in direct current, connected to fast public charge, three minutes of charge is enough to provide travel distance of 30 km; or 24 minutes is sufficient to charge the batteries from 20 to 80% charge.

Considering that European users travel 30 km on an average per day, it is likely that the vehicle can be driven for days before recharging. Meanwhile, with a 11 kW Mode 3 cable for alternating current connected to a Wallbox or public station, it is possible to ‘fill up’ (from 0% to 100%) in 5.5 hours.

Foremost capability

An essential pillar of a Jeep SUV is its capability, which today includes a more sustainable approach thanks to the 4xe hybrid plug-in technology and now fully electric powertrains.

The new Avenger is the first front-wheel drive Jeep vehicle equipped with standard Selec-Terrain® and Hill Descent Control which, together with the impressive approach and departure angles and the vehicle’s ground clearance, make it a benchmark in the segment.

The Selec-Terrain® system offers six modes: “Normal” for everyday driving; “Eco” to enhance range; “Sport” for more driving fun; “Snow” for maximum traction on icy roads or trails; “Mud” to optimize mud performance and to enhance grip; and “Sand” to limit the risk of becoming stuck on sandy soil.

The vehicle’s architecture reaches the highest levels of compactness possible without compromising any of the Jeep brand’s distinct characteristics.

The new Avenger is only 4,08 m long, which is 16 cm shorter than the Renegade. It has short front and rear overhangs which enhance its proportions. Additionally, its on-the-road presence is enhanced by larger wheels than would be expected from a vehicle of this size.

Thanks to the combination of short overhangs and large wheels, the Avenger offers the best ground clearance in the category (200 mm), as well as outstanding approach (20°), breakover (20°) and departure (32°) angles, which are essential for off-road driving but also useful in city life, for example when driving up a steep parking ramp.

Contemporary Jeep Design

The Avenger follows a “design approach” offering a modern interpretation of Jeep design in a compact package. The front of the vehicle displays the iconic 7-slot grille, an authentic Jeep brand signature which has evolved from a vertical to a more horizontal pattern for functional efficiency.

The bent-over grille is positioned in front of the headlamps to protect them in the case of impact. The bulging fenders, another classic Jeep design element, offer a sense of strength and robustness while communicating a solid and imposing presence on and off-road.

The side view is marked by the classic trapezoidal wheel arches, designed to optimize wheel travel for maximum articulation. The vehicle features imposing 18-inch wheels, with a robust design and diamond cut finish, mounted on 690mm tires dimeter. The silhouette was carefully crafted to maximize the aero efficiency and convey a sense of dynamism, reinforced by a floating “C” pillar, which is a familiar trait within the current line-up.

In the rear, the vehicle features signature-lights inspired by the classic X fuel cans. This “X” is a recurring theme inside and outside via the “X-Camo”, a pattern which combines the concept of “camouflage” with the letter “X”.

360 degrees of protection

In order to reduce any damage caused by low-speed impacts, which make up around 70% of cases in Europe, the new Avenger is equipped with skid plates, 360-degree cladding, and encased protected headlamps.

Specifically, the front headlamps are encased and positioned up high for protection in the case of low-speed impacts. Plus, the new SUV skid plates are made of polymer mould-in colour.

For example, if they are scratched, the damage is not visible. Also, in areas which are more exposed, including the doors, the cladding is even higher to offer extra protection.

Functional and spacious interiors

The interior of the all-new Jeep Avenger continues the “design to function” premise. The clean and robust interior design, which is anchored by a lean dashboard, was inspired by the Jeep brand’s history and particularly by the Jeep Wrangler.

Once inside the vehicle, the eyes are immediately drawn to the upper part of the dashboard where a single horizontal function ‘beam’ which includes all the air vents, ambient lighting and a centrally located 10.25 inches touch screen, which can be seen by both the driver and passenger. The lower side of the dashboard is marked by a wide-open storage shell.

The new Avenger has unique details for this vehicle class such as premium seats with leather inserts* which are electronically adjustable with a massage function (late availability), multi-color ambient light which reduces the strain on eyes during night driving, and a wide sunroof (late availability). The vehicle’s side lights remain visible when the rear hatch opens for greater protection and safety.

The central console has also been developed to maximize available usable space for driver and passenger. Designed to ensure the greatest interior storage space possible in a compact body, the new Avenger has the most in its category: 34-litres of front storage, which is an impressive figure considering the 15-liters average in the segment.

This extraordinary result was achieved by optimizing all the spaces and creating functional and spacious storage compartments.

Designed with flexibility and modularity in mind, the central tunnel dividers can be moved to fit the sizes of various objects or even be removed to make space for larger objects. A further useful space is available under the automatic transmission buttons and protected by a folding magnetic cover. In this space, a cell phone can be charged while simultaneously storing a 1.5-liter bottle of water.

Design to function rules have also been applied to the trunk. Its volume is among the best in the segment (380 litres) and its functionality can be seen in its sill height of the boot loading which has been lowered down to 720mm, the rear hatch width which has been increased to over one meter and the addition of a hands-free power liftgate which is not usual in the segment.

**Seats made in vinyl with the following parts in leather (central part of the backrest and headrest).

State-of-the-art technology: always connected

Made for “always connected” customers, the new Jeep Avenger ensures a great digital on-board experience. All versions will be equipped with a 10.25-inch radio screen Uconnect Infotainment combined with full digital cluster available in two variants (7 and 10.25 inches).

The smartphone-like graphics is embedded in the Uconnect 10”. In addition, the system offers the possibility to physically mirror one’s own device on the radio via wireless Android Auto and CarPlay; mix and match content to build your own interface (up to twelve widgets per page, up to six pages); embedded navigation by TomTom with enhanced natural voice recognition; and over-the-air updates.

The new Jeep Avenger also offers a suite of services and functionalities that users can take advantage of remotely. For example, thanks to the Jeep Mobile App, users can locate the location of their cars directly from their smartphones. Users can even lock and unlock their doors, check the battery level, set the climate functions and recharge the vehicle, as well interact directly with the Avenger through a vocal assistant.

Advanced Driving Assistance Equipment**

The Jeep Avenger offers a full array of driving assistance features. It boasts Level 2 autonomous driving, which automatically adjusts speed and trajectory, and makes use of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering.

In this way, support is provided to the driver in order to help the vehicle following the lane and to remains in the center of the lane and at a safe distance from the vehicle preceding it in order to provide a serene driving experience. Plus, the Level 2 autonomous driving includes Traffic Jam Assist, for a relaxed and comfortable drive even in case of heavy traffic.

The new model also offers Traffic Sign Recognition, which reads and interprets road signs; Automatic Emergency Braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, which slows the vehicle down to a halt to mitigate the risk of possible accidents; Drowsy Driver Alert, which alerts the driver when a moment of drowsiness affects attention; Blind Spot Monitoring which monitors a driver’s blind spot; Lane Keeping Assist, which alerts the driver when the car has gone out of the lane; 360° parking sensors with Active Park Assist (late availability); and 180° rear camera with drone view.

Jeep Avenger 1st Edition

Starting today and continuing until November 30, there is a pre-booking initiative dedicated to the new Jeep Avenger 1st Edition – an exclusive, fully equipped and full electric, eye-catching configuration which in Italy and Spain only will also be available with a turbo petrol engine. It is a ‘can’t-miss’ opportunity as those who express their interest online through the pre-booking will be the first ones able to order it and, therefore, drive it.

Once on the website, the user can access a dedicated platform and choose the powertrain, where available, preferred livery and the nearest dealer. At this point, the user will be able to provide contact details and privacy consent to find out when the vehicle will be finally available at the dealer for actual orders.
For more detail you can access the pre-booking platform.

The eye-catching Jeep Avenger 1st Edition has a two-tone livery – Sun with Volcano roof or Granite with Volcano roof—or full Volcano livery and has been enhanced by privacy glass, 18” alloy wheels which highlight its personality on the road and front and rear full LED lights. The interior includes multi-colour ambient light and a yellow dashboard fascia; premium heated black seats with yellow accents; a heated windshield; a pad cover for the central console; a height adjustable cargo floor and handsfree power liftgate.

Furthermore, the Launch Edition offers the Uconnect 10” infotainment with 10.25” screen, 10.25” full digital cluster, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and wireless smartphone charging pad.

Exclusive to the BEV version, the new Avenger 1st Edition is equipped with Level 2 ADAS systems which help drivers to maintain their speed, the distance from the vehicle ahead and the center of the lane in a completely autonomous way.

Capping off the refined equipment package, there are, automatic air conditioning, the Blind Spot System, auto high beam, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, power-foldable and heated side mirrors, 360° parking sensors with rear camera with drone view and Mode 3 cable for public recharging.

Under the Jeep brand’s “Freedom to Choose” initiative, exclusively when the vehicle will be available, Jeep will offer to the customer a full set of products for private and public charging such as Wallbox allowing them to plug in their garage or the RFID card to recharge in one of the 300.000 partner public charging stations in Europe.

Exclusive customization and 100+ accessories

As is Jeep brand tradition, the new Avenger can be enhanced with specific accessories and customization packs.
The Jeep Avenger will offer more than, allowing personalization, based on the customer’s specific needs and boast the “stand of the crowd” approach, giving customers several possibilities to make their own SUV unique.

Customized Avenger debuts at the Paris Motor-show

At the Paris Motor-show, the Jeep brand displays a stunning Granite-colored Jeep Avenger full electric with Volcan roof, customized with hood sticker with the unique X-camo livery, blue accents and Avenger logo. The vehicle also displays 18-inch “Gloss Black” wheels with blue detailing, emphasizing the electric powertrain.
The interior features center console magnetic pad cover with “e” logo in blue on the exterior and X-camo weave inside; rubber mats for the storage compartments on the dashboard and center tunnel with typical X-camo weave; premium carpet floor mats with the car’s silhouette logo.

Built in the high-efficiency plant in Tychy, Poland

The Tychy Plant (Poland) – erected in 1972 – 1975 – occupies an area of more than 2.4 million square metres, of which production halls and service facilities account for 0.5 million square metres. The entire production cycle to transform coils of sheet metal into a finished car requires roughly twelve engineering hours and one car rolls off the assembly lines practically every 50 seconds.

The production at Tychy is organized to comply with the highest level of quality and has been awarded with the Bronze, Silver and Gold of the World Class Manufacturing program as a recognition of the constant improvement of products, process and service to remain an industry leader and provide the best choice for customers.

The plant operates a complete production cycle consisting of four stages: stamping – run by an outside supplier since 1998; welding – which proudly boasts 99.5% automation thanks to 921 robots working on the line; paint shop – also more than 90% automatic; and assembly production lines. The Tychy Plant has made an impressive 12.5 million vehicles since production launch in 1975 up to September 2022. Significant investments have been made in launching the B-SUV platform in Tychy.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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