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ADS-TEC and TEAG cooperate on ultra-fast charging for e-mobiles

Charging technology specialist from Baden-Württemberg and TEAG combine their expertise in high-power charging infrastructure with battery connection

Following the successful cooperation in the construction of Thuringia’s first HPC fast charging station with battery integration last summer, ads-tec Energy GmbH from Nürtingen and TEAG have agreed on an extensive cooperation. The family-owned company from Baden-Württemberg has 10 years of experience in the field of professional energy and battery storage solutions.

As a specialist with high development depth, ADS-TEC was able to develop a series-ready HPC fast charging system with up to 320 kW charging power for the new HPC charging station at the TEAG campus in Erfurt. The special feature here is the battery system (HPC-Booster which enables, acting as a power amplifier, charging at HPC level at locations with limited grid connection. The ADS-TEC developers were able to integrate all the required components (power electronics, battery, air-conditioning technology, control system) in a compact cabinet with a small floor space.

TEAG has been using the new “ultrafast charging station” for half a year – so far, the “high-tech charging station” has mastered tough everyday operation without any problems.

“For us, this charging technology from ADS-TEC, which is now ready for series production, opens up completely new possibilities for the use of HPC chargers,” says Ingo Bergmann, TEAG division manager for mobility. “The storage system creates more flexible connection options even in the “smallest” power grids and is saving therefore high grid investments. We see applications, for example, at car dealerships, gas stations, supermarkets and also in residential areas.” TEAG has already been offering individual charging solutions for private and business customers since 2016. ADS-TEC also has the capability to provide us with reliable support even in the face of broad market demand.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC, also sees extensive development potential in the cooperation with the e-mobility experts of TEAG: “TEAG is an ideal partner because, as an area supplier, the company has great experience in the responsibility for infrastructure, energy systems and the supply of several hundred thousand end customers. Fast charging is now being added as a further component to the energy system and TEAG will close the gap at power-limited locations with the highly innovative fast charging systems from ADS-TEC. This is entirely in the interest of future customers who can´t always drive to large charging parks, but also want to recharge fast decentralized.”


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