Regulators favour flexibility over force with AV cyber security

As the automotive industry enters a new age of vehicle safety, are best practices enough to protect against cyber threats? By Freddie Holmes

With the potential for serious criminal gain, cyber security has become a real subject of interest for authorities in the automotive industry. As autonomous driving technologies have advanced, modern vehicles have begun to pose an entirely new risk profile: if hackers can gain remote access, the results could be catastrophic.

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For this reason, cyber security is no longer handled internally by the automotive industry, but also overseen by federal regulators. However, some within the industry have been critical of regulators for not taking a firmer stance on cyber security. As things stand, adherence to guidelines remains recommended, but voluntary.

It begs the question: is cyber security being taken seriously by law enforcement, or is the industry being left to play by its own rules?

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Much of the activity here has been led by the US, where…