Auto industry urged to take proactive stance on climate change

Manufacturers are expanding their sustainability strategies, but Capgemini believes the focus is currently too narrow. By Freddie Holmes

Climate change is a subject where responsibility cannot be levelled solely at one particular sector, but the automotive industry has found itself at the centre of discussions. Be it the obvious impact of tailpipe emissions, the carbon footprint created by global manufacturing chains, or avoidable scandals such as dieselgate, the entire industry is now hard pressed to contribute to a sustainable future.

Special report: How is the auto industry addressing climate change?

To understand the current state of play, global consultancy Capgemini recently produced a new report: ‘The Automotive Industry in the Era of Sustainability.’ The firm is well placed to perform such a study, working with most of the industry’s major automakers and Tier 1 suppliers, but also retail chains and mobility players. It is also a sponsor of the World Climate Summit, an annual side event to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as the COP Summit.

“We know how…