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Tech, business innovations push plug-ins towards mass-adoption

Plug-in vehicles are approaching a tipping point for mass-market adoption in the 2035-2040 timeframe, but several milestones must be reached before then, writes Yuan-Sheng Yu, Senior Analyst, Energy Transition at Lux Research

The threat and opportunity of plug-in vehicles – both electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) – becoming mainstream has vehicle manufacturers, oil and gas companies, and even utilities scrambling to put together the right resources and playbook to take on the inevitable emergence of EVs.

Forecasts point to the 2035-2040 timeframe, when plug-ins will make up more than 50% of new car sales. While Tesla’s Model 3 paints a rosy picture of eventual plug-in dominance in the future, reaching this inflection point will require more than one single visionary’s outlook of the automotive industry….

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