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Special report: The future of mobility in Bengaluru

Automotive World explores the potential for future mobility solutions in Bengaluru

A new Automotive World report focuses on the evolution of mobility and transportation in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru’s growing population has given rise to the city’s dubious global reputation for traffic gridlock, and rush-hour congestion in Bengaluru (‘Bangalore’) is among the worst in India. Now the third most populous city in India, and ranked 24th in the world, Bengaluru has seen its population swell by over 40% since 2011. By 2031, the capital city of Karnataka State will be home to 20.3 million people.

The city scores high in terms of innovation momentum. Bengaluru is India’s hub for high-tech, e-commerce and start-ups—it’s also home to Daimler’s largest R&D centre outside Germany, and one of GM’s global R&D tech centres. The implementation of a smart city plan is a positive step, but in terms of future mobility, there is still much to be done to bring Bengaluru in line with other major cities.

Automotive World’s report on the future of mobility in Bengaluru explores the challenges facing one of the world’s most congested cities, and the opportunities facing stakeholders seeking to help ease traffic gridlock, improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation-related pollution and greenhouse gases.

‘Special report: The future of mobility in Bengaluru’ is available to download now from the research section of

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Is Bengaluru ready for the mobility revolution?
  • Automakers explore Bengaluru’s shared mobility potential
  • Mahindra spearheads home-grown electrification efforts
  • Switching India’s Garden City to EVs means playing the long game
  • Don’t expect electric trucks in India’s Silicon Valley any time soon
  • Bengalureans are underserved by public transport. Change is needed—fast
  • Can ‘One Nation, One Card’ entice Bengalureans back to mass transit?
  • Bengaluru’s Smart City transformation is slow but steady
  • The world’s start-up hub seeks a place in the new mobility revolution
  • Bengaluru needs its new mobility providers—but are they really helping?

 ‘Special report: The future of mobility in Bengaluru’ provides insight from a range of stakeholders focused on transportation and mobility in Bengaluru, including:

  • Ather Energy
  • Deloitte
  • DuckerFrontier
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • Ipsos
  • Kantar
  • Mahindra Electric
  • Ultraviolette Automotive

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