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Software company Zenseact uses cutting-edge AI to boost safety systems in Polestar 3

Safety technology pioneer Zenseact provides the AI-powered safety software that will offer Polestar drivers rigorous protection and a smooth cruising experience

As Polestar launches its latest addition to the fleet, driver support has been an important consideration. In addition to advanced enhancements to standard active safety features, Polestar 3 features several cutting-edge safety capabilities powered by AI methods such as deep learning.

The new generation of safety technology – precautionary safety – will be able to anticipate dangerous traffic scenarios before they happen and adjust the car’s speed and position to ensure they never do.

For Zenseact, the Polestar 3 launch is a proud moment as it is the first production deployment of its software OnePilot, a product for advanced driver assistance.

The release of OnePilot is a big step towards making driving safer. We are delighted to make Polestar 3 smarter, safer, and more convenient to drive,“ Ödgärd Andersson, CEO at Zenseact, says.

The vehicle will continuously improve its performance and functionality through over-the-air software updates. Capabilities like adjustment of speed and position to handle sharp turns and complex traffic environments will add to the car’s total intelligence and driving experience. Another feature is the real-time use of high-definition maps to see beyond the visible horizon, to better adjust the driving to what’s beyond the next turn, and keep the car centered in the lane even when markings are hard to identify.

Collaborations with industry-leading safety technology partners like Zenseact provide Polestar 3 with cutting-edge ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) solutions. Combining performance and comfort with the latest in AI and updatable safety software is an important addition to our new car,” says Beatrice Simonsson, Head of Product Management at Polestar.

Introducing OnePilot is a milestone for Zenseact’s outspoken ambition to reduce traffic accidents and make roads safer. With carefully selected traffic data from the Polestar vehicles, the software will gradually learn to handle more complex traffic scenarios and be increasingly capable of eliminating collisions.

Millisecond by millisecond, information is collected, analyzed, and turned into action by the car. Accidents, incidents, and near accidents will thus become a part of improving the cars in coming software updates. Put differently, the more cars learn from each other’s experiences, the faster everyone will benefit,” says Ödgärd.

Continuous improvements will thus be based on real-life data from the vehicle fleet, and the “collective fleet intelligence” will grow and deepen for every car equipped with this technology. Everyone driving a car with OnePilot will be part of the solution to avoid fatalities and severe injuries in traffic. First out: Polestar 3 drivers.

SOURCE: Zenseact

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