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Modine launches new EVantage line of Thermal Management Systems for commercial electric vehicles

New plug-and-play systems for EV battery and power electronics thermal management draws on the company's 100-year legacy and integrates easily into a wide range of vehicles for land, marine, and aviation as well as stationary applications

To improve commercial electric vehicle (EV) performance, range, battery life, and safety, Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, today announced the general availability of its suite of EVantage™ Thermal Management Systems for commercial EV chassis. Leveraging more than 100 years of thermal expertise, Modine produces complete EV thermal management systems that regulate battery, traction motor, and power electronics temperatures within optimal ranges under all operating conditions and is customizable for any size chassis. The first two EVantage Thermal Management Systems introduced today include:

  • The EVantage Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) gives customers full control of battery temperature in all environments, from hot summer afternoons to icy winter mornings. With multi-stage cooling and heating, the EVantage BTMS optimizes the temperature range for an entire bank of batteries with a single unit while minimizing power draw.
  • The EVantage Electronics Cooling Package (ECP) keeps the traction motor and power electronics cool for all loads. This complete solution is designed to maintain optimal fluid temperatures for the traction motor and power electronics circuits utilizing multi-zone cooling. EVantage ECPs are designed to specification, with small to large fan arrays that operate only when required to minimize power draw.

With the new EVantage BTMS and ECP, Modine provides a complete thermal solution to its commercial, specialty, and purpose-built EV customers, allowing their customers to focus their own engineering resources on other value-add activities. By combining Modine’s state-of-the-art, proprietary heat exchanger technology and tailored smart electronic products, the EVantage suite maximizes cooling while minimizing power draw in a compact form factor. By managing thermal conditions during charging and vehicle operation, the thermal solutions improve commercial EV performance, longevity, and safety.  With a proprietary design to minimize power draw during heating and cooling operations, the EVantage suite also extends the range of commercial EVs. The EVantage Thermal Management Systems are designed to operate as complete, plug-and-play systems, controlled through Controller Area Network (CAN) bus communications, and include a pre-programmed master controller for automated operation.

“Since our first radiator system for the Model T in 1927, Modine has pioneered heat transfer technology in the transportation industry. As the commercial vehicle market switches to electrification, Modine is once again at the forefront of improving performance and safety while increasing vehicle lifespan and range,” said Gina Bonini, Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine. “By addressing our customers’ ever-evolving heat load and environmental requirements, the EVantage solutions deliver the best possible performance for batteries and power electronics while ensuring safer commercial EVs through intelligent management of thermals during charging and vehicle operation.”

Modine thermal management products are especially suited for zero-emission transit-, coach- and school buses, specialty vehicles, and trucks, including vans used in last-mile delivery. Customers have the option to choose between standard systems or custom-designed solutions that fit specific cooling needs and space constraints. Modine’s systems are manufactured, tested, and designed to withstand harsh environments and are ruggedized for high vibration uses. Modine leverages its state-of-the-art facilities and decades of motor vehicle component testing experience to ensure that customers can have confidence in the performance and longevity of Modine products.

SOURCE: Modine

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