Mitsubishi Fuso signs commercial agreement with Wise Systems to launch next-generation AI and machine learning-driven routing and dispatching solution in Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso starts offering the Wise Systems routing and dispatching solution for the first time in Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), under the umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia (DTA), today announced that it has signed a business alliance agreement with Wise Systems Inc. MFTBC will start offering the Wise Systems routing and dispatching solution from the fourth quarter of 2021 onwards to customers in Japan.

Wise Systems is a routing and dispatching solution that optimizes the last mile of deliveries. It can be used with vehicles of all brands and types, including small commercial vehicles such as light-duty trucks. Since 2017, MFTBC has been offering trucks with the telematics platform Truckonnect®*, which manages vehicles and their operating status in real time.** Through this business alliance, which was enabled by a strong collaboration between the Wise Systems team in the US and MFTBC’s in-house digital services and solutions team, MFTBC will further evolve as a company that not only manages the vehicle itself but also provides solutions that quickly respond to the needs of all involved in the logistics and delivery process.

Wise Systems’ routing and dispatching solution is a cloud and smartphone-based software that streamlines the last mile delivery process. The software utilizes AI and machine learning to automatically create an optimal delivery plan by incorporating all delivery-related information, such as delivery orders, packages, drivers, vehicles, and traffic conditions, and by using route-planning algorithms to select delivery routes, trucks, and drivers. The software-created delivery plan is then transmitted to the driver’s smartphone, and the delivery status is tracked and updated in real time. Fleet managers can not only reduce the time spent to cover delivery routes but also get real-time views of their fleet’s operational performance, enabling them to make quick decisions and adjustments. Route plans are shared with drivers via a smartphone app, providing detailed instructions and tools required in the delivery process such as photographic proof of delivery and barcode scanning. End customers can see the live status of their deliveries and are provided with exact delivery times on the day freight actually arrives.

The Wise Systems solution continuously learns from fleet data in real time, optimizing and improving fleet performance, vehicle utilization, and customer service. With the repeated use of machine learning to learn frequently run routes, the software is able to propose the best delivery plans, which was previously done by veteran fleet managers based on years of experience. On average, customers in the U.S. have reduced their mileage by 15%, increased utilization by 20%, and eliminated up to 80% of delivery delays. Wise Systems is ideal for last-mile delivery of usages such as food and beverages, parcels, business services and products, and field service technicians. It also contributes to CO2 emissions reductions through efficient fleet operation. The customers in the U.S. achieved a 15% reduction in fleet mileage and CO2 emissions. By improving the operational efficiency of fleets, MFTBC believes the system also has the potential to ease the pressure of driver shortages in Japan.

Hartmut Schick, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso, said, “As a service oriented company, we’re committed to solving the many challenges faced by our logistics customers. By offering Wise Systems’ state-of-the-art service in Japan, fleet customers will not only be able to organize last-mile logistics more efficiently, but also drastically reduce CO2 emissions and inner city traffic of their vehicles.” 

“We are honored to work with Mitsubishi Fuso to offer the Wise Systems product portfolio to customers in Japan,” said Chazz Sims, CEO and co-founder of Wise Systems. “In both companies, we share a strong focus on making our customers more successful. By combining dynamic operations and an intuitive, high-quality experience for drivers, dispatchers, and end customers, we generate a huge competitive advantage and best-in-class last-mile operations.”

* “Truckonnect®” is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus

**   Truckonnect® allows operators to check the real time information such as vehicle location, safety scores, vehicle utilization and fuel consumption, while detecting technical failures through real-time remote diagnosis. Through Truckonnect, vehicle can also be connected with a digital tachograph, enabling logistics managers to obtain more precise driving records from a PC. Truckonnect aims to improve the efficiency of transportation providers with actionable data on a truck’s operating conditions. Truckonnect is now being offered free of charge for three years for customers in Japan purchasing new vehicles.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus

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