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Jaguar chooses Continental’s PremiumContact 6 tires as original equipment for its all-electric I-PACE

PremiumContact 6 tires optimized to deliver maximum efficiency, safety and comfort for dynamically driven e-vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover continues to rely on Continental’s 22‑inch PremiumContact 6 summer tires featuring an XL (extra load) rating and ContiSeal puncture protection as original equipment for the latest iteration of its all-electric I-PACE SUVs. In the ADAC’s comprehensive 2021 test of summer tires, the PremiumContact 6 (in 205/55 R 16 V) came out on top of the pack. The PremiumContact 6 is specially engineered for dynamic handling and driving comfort as well as short braking distances and outstanding cornering stability even at high speeds.

ContiSeal is a technology which enables drivers to continue driving safely even if a tire has incurred a puncture. A highly elastic protective layer on the inside of the tire encapsulates penetrating foreign bodies within fractions of a second, thus reliably sealing the damaged area even after the foreign body is no longer in the tire, e.g. as a result of rotational forces. The molecular structure of this layer is so effective that even holes up to five millimeters in diameter are reliably sealed. In this way, the adverse consequences of around 80 percent of all common punctures can be prevented.

In 2020, six of the world’s 10 highest-volume manufacturers of electric vehicles placed their confidence in tires engineered by Continental.

SOURCE: Continental

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