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Honda to begin sales of all-new N-BOX in Japan

Third-generation N-BOX designed to offer a joyful time for all occupants

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin sales in Japan of the all-new N-BOX tomorrow, on Friday, October 6, 2023.

The all-new, third-generation N-BOX was developed with the aim of creating a vehicle which provides a joyful time for everyone who uses it, enabling customers to fulfill their broad range of purposes, including what they want to do for the happiness of everyone, not just for themselves and their families.

In addition to a refined exterior design that exudes a greater sense of high quality, the all-new N-BOX features an easy-to-drive and comfortable interior space achieved by carrying forward the spacious cabin which has always been a popular feature of the N-BOX to realize an uncluttered field of vision with enhanced sense of openness.

Moreover, the all-new N-BOX became the first Honda mini-vehicle model to feature Honda CONNECT, an in-vehicle communication system equipped with new-generation connected technologies, which enables customers to enjoy the use of their vehicle with greater peace of mind and comfort.

Furthermore, the all-new N-BOX continues to feature the Honda SENSING advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies as standard equipment on all types, but with two newly added functions, namely Low Speed Brake Function and Unintended Acceleration Mitigation.

Sales plan (in Japan, monthly, series total): 15,000 units

<Key features of the all-new N-BOX>

Packaging / Field of Vision

  • While carrying forward one of the largest cabin spaces among all mini-vehicles in the market*1 and the high eye position of the driver, the key features of the predecessor N-BOX, the packaging design team pursued an unobstructed field of vision for occupants. The dashboard was flattened by changing the position of the driver meters to where they are visible through the steering wheel, which enabled a field of vision with an enhanced sense of openness, making it easier to drive with a better grasp of the width of the vehicle and the movements of other vehicles.
  • All windows are aligned horizontally with design continuity, which reduces the risk of disrupting the occupants’ posture and gaze. By incorporating such ingenuity in the packaging design and realizing occupant comfort, the risk of motion sickness was reduced.
  • Of the pair of blind spot mirrors mounted to the inside of the left (passenger side) front A pillar, the one angled downward to offer a view of the ground on the side is now on the door mirror (side mirror), which improves left forward visibility and also makes it easier to back into a parking spot.
  • *1As of October 2023. Honda internal measurement based on the three dimensions (cabin length, width and height)



  • The pursuit of the “beauty of simple formative design” was the basis for the exterior design of the all-new N-BOX. The front grille was designed to convey an image of the vehicle being a part of the customer’s everyday life, expressing a sense of familiarity with the use of a perforated design which is often used for everyday home appliances. The headlights were shaped to naturally convey the image of human eyes from any angle. With these key features, the exterior design of the all-new N-BOX expresses simplicity and friendliness.
  • The interior features light colors with greige as the primary tone. Including the instrument panel tray with cork-like visual and tactile qualities for a sense of warmth, the interior of the all-new N-BOX evokes the feeling of being in a homey living room.
  • The “Fashion Style” package was newly added to broaden the brand aesthetic of the N-BOX. Featuring offwhite door mirrors and outer door handles and wheel caps in a matching body color, the Fashion Style package will accommodate the needs of customers who want to express their unique quality and seek greater individuality.


  • The exterior of the all-new N-BOX CUSTOM was designed to enable customers to feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. The new design features a front grille with a three-dimensional and intricate design, a thin, straight light that extends horizontally across the entire width of the vehicle, as well as Honda’s first direct-projection full-LED headlights.  Moreover, an elegant atmosphere and high vehicle performance were expressed through full-LED rear combination lights with clear lenses and an aero design developed exclusively for this model in consideration of the low & wide look and aerodynamic performance.
  • The interior features black as the primary tone. Including the instrument panel tray replicating the visual and tactile qualities of luxurious marble, the interior of the all-new N-BOX CUSTOM evokes the feeling of a high quality and bold look.
  • The “Coordinate Style” package, which expresses an overwhelming sense of freedom and presence, is available for the all-new N-BOX CUSTOM. The Coordinate Style highlights a sense of distinctiveness with exclusive parts such as a dark chrome-plated front grille, rear license garnish and black aluminum wheels. Customers also can choose between two body color options:  monotone or a two-tone featuring a black roof.

Features to enhance occupant comfort

  • A new Power Sliding Door Lock presetting function which enables the customer to pre-lock the sliding door so that it will lock automatically after it is completely closed. This function eliminates the need for the customer to wait near the vehicle until the door closes so that it can be locked, improving user-friendliness in some situations such as in bad weather conditions.
  • An easy-to-grip indentation was added to a part of the sliding door opening, making it easier for small children and the elderly to get in and out of the vehicle.
  • Including a large glove box more than twice as large as that of the predecessor N-BOX and large door storage pockets on the rear doors, the storage space of the all-new N-BOX were designed to increase usability for all occupants.
  • A 7-inch TFT LCD meter was adopted (for the first time for a Honda mini-vehicle model) to display Honda SENSING functions and various other information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand manner.

Body / chassis

While maintaining vehicle weight equivalent to that of the predecessor model, the body and chassis of the all-new N-BOX achieved higher rigidity and balanced rigidity that contribute to excellent driving stability and occupant comfort unique only to N-BOX, enabling customers to enjoy the driving experience with peace of mind. In addition, more sound insulation and sound absorbing sheets were added to further improve quietness so that the front and back seat occupants can engage in a conversation without feeling any stress and enjoy a comfortable drive even while cruising at high speeds.


  • The powertrain, realizing both powerful driving and excellent fuel economy, is carried forward from the predecessor N-BOX. Two engine types will be available: a naturally aspirated engine with VTEC*2 intake valve control and a turbocharged engine with an electric wastegate that allows fine adjustment of exhaust pressure. Each of these engines has been refined in detail to achieve high quality and easy-to-handle engine characteristics.
  • The CVT has undergone meticulous refinement of gearshift control and achieved a high-quality driving experience by reducing impurities to an unprecedented level. In addition, the range of the idling stop function was expanded, so the engine will not restart during forward parking when the driver shifts gears from stop (D or N range) to park (P range), enabling quiet parking.
  • *2Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control system adopted for naturally aspirated engines.

Connected service


  • Honda CONNECT, an in-vehicle communication module equipped with new generation connected technologies was adopted for the first time to a Honda mini-vehicle. A navigation system compatible with the Honda CONNECT is available as a dealer option, and Honda offers the Honda Total Care Premium*3 connected service to enable customers to enjoy the use of their vehicle with greater peace of mind and comfort.
  • The function to operate power sliding doors is now added to the Honda Digital Key, which enables customers to use their smartphone to control some vehicle functions such as door locks.
  • *3Honda Total Care Premium is a subscription service that allows customers to choose the duration of their subscription with the minimum of one month based on their needs. Sign up is required to use this service. 

Features to enhance safety and customers’ peace of mind


  • The Honda N-BOX features the Honda SENSING*4 advanced safety and driver-assistive system as standard equipment on all types. The all-new Honda N-BOX models are equipped with the Honda SENSING system that uses a front wide-view camera and eight sonar sensors mounted in the front and rear of the vehicle to pursue safety and the users’ peace of mind.
  • While adding new functions, namely Low Speed Brake Function and Unintended Acceleration Mitigation, Honda SENSING continues to advance the assistance it offers to the driver in various driving situations, including city and expressway driving. During high-speed cruising, the system assists the driver to achieve smooth acceleration/deceleration and steering.

<List of Honda SENSING functions available for the all-new N-BOX>

  1. Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
  2. Lead Car Departure Notification System
  3. Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System
  4. Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow
  7. Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
  8. Collision Mitigation Throttle Control
  9. Rear Collision Mitigation Throttle Control
  10. Low Speed Brake Function (New addition)
  11. Unintended Acceleration Mitigation (New addition)*5
  12. Parking Sensor System
  13. Auto High Beam Headlights

Multi-View Camera System (MVCS)

For the first time for a Honda mini-vehicle, the Multi-view Camera System (MVCS) will be available for some types of all-new N-BOX models. The MVCS assists the driver to enable them to drive with greater peace of mind in some situations, such as entering into an intersection with poor visibility, passing oncoming vehicles on a narrow road and backing into a parking spot.

  • *4Honda SENSING functions are intended to assist the driver: therefore, there is a limit to the capabilities (e.g. recognition capability and control capability) of individual functions of Honda SENSING. Please do not overestimate the capabilities of each Honda SENSING function and drive safely while paying constant attention to your surroundings. For more information about Honda SENSING, please visit, Honda website :
  • *5Under the factory default settings, this function will be off. To turn this function on, a separate setting process using the special equipment at the dealership is required, for which a separate setting fee will be charged: Dealer option of 5,500 yen per one Honda Smart Key (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)

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