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CUPRA optimises car customisation and accelerates delivery with the roll out of CUPRA Priority

CUPRA continues to be the impulse of a new era in the automotive industry by introducing new experiences

CUPRA continues to be the impulse of a new era in the automotive industry by introducing new experiences. The contemporary firm is launching CUPRA Priority, the customisation and fast delivery service for members of the CUPRA Tribe. The concept enables customers to personalise their own vehicle, follow its delivery process digitally and receive it at the dealership in 21 to 30 days, subject to regional administrative timings.

In order to ensure a higher value proposition and encourage demand for its electrified models, CUPRA is kicking off this project by offering the two PHEV versions of the CUPRA Formentor with 204PS and 245PS, which are both produced in Martorell. The plug-in hybrid variants of the CUPRA Leon as well as the combustion engine versions of these two models will be added at a later stage. In addition, the CUPRA Born, the brand’s first 100% electric model to be produced at the Zwickau plant, will also be part of the service following its launch in the second half of the year.

CUPRA Priority will be progressively rolled out in the brand’s European markets. The service is already available in Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, and the Netherlands will follow in the coming months.
“CUPRA Priority will be a key factor in the successful relationship with our Tribe. This strategic project will facilitate the close relationship between the CUPRA Master and the client by using digital tools while preserving the human touch. At the same time, this service ensures high levels of personalisation and faster delivery than the industry average, and will also enable us to optimise stock management in each market. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a unique experience,” says Antonino Labate, CUPRA Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations.

With this move, the brand is forging ahead with new buying experiences, taking into account consumer habits from a new generation of drivers, personalising the experience and making it easier, faster and more transparent. Four factors set it apart: the digitalisation of the purchasing process, the customisation of the offer, production flexibility and stock management optimisation.

CUPRA Tracking Tool

CUPRA Priority improves the digitalisation and transparency of the purchasing process through the CUPRA Tracking Tool. This digital approach integrated into the brand’s official website will become an essential tool to enhance the relationship between the CUPRA Master and the client.

After placing an order at the dealership, the customer can access a private area in the website using their CUPRA ID, where they can enjoy brand content and follow the delivery process of their vehicle. The CUPRA Tracking Tool enables customers to monitor the management of their order from home in four simple steps: the order’s receipt, information about the production process, the arrival at the dealership and the delivery of the vehicle.

In addition, the CUPRA Master will also have a digital tracking tool to easily access delivery information, providing a transparent digital communication channel with the customer. The brand has conducted digital training sessions with its dealer network to maximise the benefits of this innovative platform.

Flexible production

CUPRA Priority allows customers to personalise their car and choose from the multiple configuration options, whether it’s for the CUPRA Formentor or CUPRA Leon. This offer adapts to the most in-demand features in the main European markets in order to ensure scalability and reduce project complexity.

This level of customisation and fast delivery is possible thanks to the flexible production and logistics process that has been created for the models ordered using this service. Spaces are reserved virtually on the production line to ensure that the vehicles are manufactured and delivered on time. Starting from a standard configuration, the CUPRA Master can adapt the production orders according to the customer’s desired configuration up to a week before production.

According to Vice-president for Production and Logistics Herbert Steiner, “CUPRA Priority enables us to make the entire purchasing process more transparent and reliable, from order to delivery. This service will ensure the rapid delivery of customised CUPRA models, without compromising the normal production flow at our plants. In doing so, we aim to contribute to improving customer satisfaction and supporting our dealer network.”

Supporting the distribution network

At the same time, CUPRA Priority’s flexible production and fast delivery process helps to optimise the physical stock of vehicles at the importer and dealer level. Thanks to the possibility of modifying orders up to one week before they leave the factory, the dealer avoids the financial risk of accumulating physical stock.

For the customer, CUPRA Priority ensures a personalised, faster choice and reliable delivery of their vehicle, exactly matching their specific desires. For the brand and its dealer network, this service will help build customer loyalty thanks to the transparent communication flow it provides.


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